11 stylish decorating ideas for every room (2020)


It’s never too late to change. In a world where the only thing permanent is change itself, a simple change of mind could make a big difference. A subtle change of words could lead to a whole other conversation. This also applies to interior decoration. A change of decor could bring a positive vibe to any space. Here are 11 new ideas to make every room in the house stylish.

Let nature in

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For the spacious living room, it is imperative to create a peaceful, inviting and lively atmosphere. This is where all family members should feel most comfortable next to their own bedroom, especially in homes where family gatherings are the norm. The key to this is to take inspiration from nature.

There are countless reasons why nature is good for the human body. It helps people center their minds, reduces stress hormone levels and relaxes the body. So naturally, bringing nature inside spaces such as living rooms and the like would encourage family members to stay indoors comfortably longer. Don’t worry, nature can be blended into any interior style. From the minimalism of the 60s to the end of the 20se century postmodern design, a bit of nature here and there can be a visual complement. Think decorative logs, bonsai, rattan, jute and ornamental shrubs.

Eclectic decoration? Why not?

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Most people stick to the simple and modern life. It’s nice and safe, but maintaining that atmosphere is a bit tricky. For the creative and spirited ones, it is rather difficult to stay productive in bare simplicity. Try mixing ranges of styles to create a vibrant air in, say, your bedroom. The only rule is to be creative. Scandinavian design complemented by Memphis furniture? Absolutely awesome !

less is more

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However, exciting and daring art is not for everyone. It can be exhausting to always be surrounded by complexity, so why not return to peaceful modesty? For places like study rooms and home offices where people need to concentrate, it’s a good idea to keep everything to a minimum. But don’t forget to add some simple decoration to make it more dashing to the eye.

Freshen up the hallway

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People tend to forget hallways when it comes to decorating. Either they put everything they never know where to put, or they don’t pay attention to it at all. Want to try something new? Get out of your comfort zone by choosing a bold color for the hallway. It’s innovative and refreshing, but most importantly, it will be a stunning backdrop to showcase. Guaranteed, guests will stop by to see your photos and paintings. Try Parrot Orange, Chrome Yellow, Navy Blue or even Barbie Pink.

Highlight collectibles

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Most of the time, valuable collectibles are stored in cupboards and shelves. While it’s a safe move, it doesn’t add anything to the interior. Let your rooms enjoy this decorative porcelain, antique matchboxes and cool figurines. Put them a table in the living room. It’s good to balance your display, and there will be more talking points for your conversation with your guests.

Returns to memories

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Living in the downtown area of ​​the metropolitan area, it is normal to desire a nostalgic feeling of the places where you grew up. Know that you can always give the house a more traditional look. The kitchen, for example, can be decorated with your old valuables. Cover the wall with pieces you’ve collected over the years – they don’t have to be highly selected collectibles. Old postcards from childhood friends and extended families will surely be enough to give the kitchen a cottage feel and bring back memories.

Adding a focal point

It’s important to make sure there’s a focal point in your home. A focal point is what the eyes fall on when entering a room. Focal points come in the form of windows, wallpapers, fireplaces or artwork. Often it faces the main entrance. Even so, this is not the only rule. For example, when a focal point of a room is the window, furniture placements are usually clustered around it to show that the window is the main anchor.

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For those who prefer clean, streamlined bedrooms, cool modern art is a safe bet. Decorations like contemporary metal sculptures will surely add visual interest. More importantly, it also keeps everything stylish.

Furniture upholstery

Furniture should be replaced from time to time. Each has its expiration date. Canapes, for example, usually last between 7 and 15 years. Until then, you can opt for upholstery to refresh the space when it starts to feel boring. For couches, consider sheepskin or faux fur throws. They provide warmth and texture and are easy to move around the space as your needs change. Plus, they can also be placed on your dining chairs to accent and add comfort while you eat.

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Fun fact, you can also choose upholstery as an alternative, especially if you’re really attached to your couch and just can’t let go. So instead of replacing your sofa with a brand new one, you can have the same structure but with a new fabric. Absolute victory!

Image source: housebeautiful.com

Go back to the old style

Image source: architecturaldigest.com

The architecture of your home may be contemporary, but no one said your whole interior had to be too. You can always mix things up with the old and the new. Style it with antique furniture such as a 17th century French chandelier, an 18th century Spanish Colonial Mexican console table, a 19th century African wooden chair and an early 20th century Chinese rustic elm drawer.

Oversized statement art

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The fun part of furnishing a home is that you have myriad choices for decorating your interior. Furniture can be both functional and decorative. For example, you can make your wall clock an elegant piece of art. Choose a large element to act as a visual point for the simple bare wall and make it a little more exciting. Large-scale photography is also a good idea, but if you really want to make a statement, choose the most dynamic.

mirror mirror on the wall

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Photographs and paintings aren’t the only things you can hang on the wall. Mirrors are also perfect for a dazzling gallery wall. Simple but amazing, mirrors can adapt to the decoration of each room. The fact that a mirror can reflect light is also one of the reasons why it is often used to add dynamics to interiors. A huge mounted mirror can simply make your dressing room appear larger than it really is, while a small framed hand mirror serves as a chic ornament on your bathroom wall.

Motivational typography for the soul

Image source: decoratorist.com

The easiest way to add style to your home is to install a typographic wall mural. Make meaningful words for yourself. You’re going to be reading it every day, so make sure it gives off a positive vibe for your soul. Choose the right font that perfectly matches the interior style and your character.


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