15 DIY STEM Christmas ornament and decoration ideas


Fasten your seat belts, Christmas is knocking on the door. The whole world is now ready to be decorated with angels, bells, stockings, candles, wreaths, candy canes and surely Santa Claus too.

We understand, however, that things are different this season. It was without a doubt a difficult year. Getting into the Christmas spirit is a bit more difficult than in previous years. More so, trying to find the best decorations and activities for your household while everyone else is locked up is no easy task.

Today we’ve got you covered. On this list, you will find some of the best decorating ideas and last minute projects. Logically, we have decided to focus on projects that meet the needs of STEM enthusiasts, young and old. Not only will you wake up seasonal joy, but there’s a good chance you’ll learn something along the way.

Christmas traditions and celebrations vary from country to country. But the most common traditional figures, patterns and objects are almost the same everywhere, such as cutting and lighting of Christmas trees, hanging Advent wreaths, bells, Christmas stockings, candles, angels. , reindeer, candy canes, snowflakes and more.

Here are some 15 fun, whimsical and educational DIY Christmas decoration and ornament ideas that are easy to make and totally fit for wallets!

1. Create a chemically reacted Christmas tree

Source: STEAM powered family

It’s a classic experience with a seasonal twist, perfect for young children looking for a little fun chemistry. For this experiment, you will need basic household items like baking soda, green food coloring, dish soap, and vinegar. You can probably imagine where this is going. The Christmas tree shaped mold you create for this project will turn into a sparkling mess after reacting with baking soda and vinegar. This project is a simple way to explore the reactions between acids and bases. discover how to do it the project here.

2. Teach coding by coloring

15 Jolly DIY Christmas Decorations and Decorating Ideas
Source: Left brain Handicraft brain

You can put these decorations on your fridge. Coloring is a staple of any child’s childhood. In addition, it can be a powerful educational tool. In these projects, kids will color a Christmas tree with a unique set of rules. The printable coloring uses Binary and decimal ASCII codes as color key. As your children color, they will learn about the basic ideas behind their computers. You can find the project here.

3. Recycle your caps to create snowmen

Source: Pinterest

This project is pretty self-explanatory. Using recycled coke bottle caps, you can create your own little Christmas decorations with just a little bit of glue, ribbon and Markers. Sure, you can go out and buy some Christmas decorations, but why not make your own?

4. Make your own winter play dough

15 Jolly DIY Christmas Decorations and Decorating Ideas
Source: STEAM powered family

Another staple of any childhood should be play dough. However, plasticine can quickly come off and get lost in random places, which makes it not ideal. In this little STEM experience, you are going to make your own winter play dough. All you need for this project is flour, cream tartare, salt, food coloring, and vegetable oil to start. This project only takes a few hours. In no time at all, you’ll be creating your own personalized Christmas decorations.

5. Scrabble Tile Ornament

Source: Pinterest

If you have already lost a few letters from the game, just write something festive, stick to each other. This could make the list of some of the laziest Christmas decorations we’ve seen this year. Nonetheless, it could be a great last minute option.

6. Create a fake fireplace for Santa Claus

Source: Pinterest

If you could find cargo boxes of the same size, just glue them in the shape of a fireplace and paint bricks. You can also install the gift boxes underneath. Please just do not light a fire below.

7. Cover your window with coffee filter snowflakes

Source: Pinterest

If you are an engineer, chances are you are making a living from coffee. If you have any spare parts coffee filters dragging cut out beautiful symmetrical snowflake patterns in just a few steps by cutting coffee filters or cupcake wrappers. Plain paper works too.

8. Create geometrically accurate Christmas cookies

15 Jolly DIY Christmas Decorations and Decorating Ideas
Source: Left brain Handicraft brain

You are going to have Christmas candy this year. Why not practice geometry and develop spatial skills with these tangram puzzle cookies. Using a printable for free here, you can create your own tasty and geometrically stylish cooks. The recipe calls for sugar cookies, but any cookies that match your traditions can be used.

9. Design a STEM Christmas tree

15 Jolly DIY Christmas Decorations and Decorating Ideas
Source: Steam family

Another great STEM Christmas Project and this one glows in the dark. For the project, you will be building a glow-in-the-dark salt circuit. You won’t need much for this project, and the secret to the salt circuit glow can be created with a common glow in black glue.

10. Make DIY Christmas decorations

15 Jolly DIY Christmas Decorations and Decorating Ideas
Source: Steam family

This project may seem comically simple, but there is something quite beautiful about these trees. In addition, the project is ideal for the little ones. All you have to do is dig through an old toolbox and find some unused nuts, bolts and washers to make these DIY trees. This project will help your children develop fine motor skills and explore geometry.

11. Collect a penny crown

Source: Pinterest

Glue the coins on top of each other and hang them on your door like a wreath with a red ribbon added. Bling bling! This project is simple and easy. Chances are, you have a lot of pennies lying around your house.

12. Christmas tree button

Source: United KingdomLassInUs

Sort buttons of different sizes on a thread and fold, add ribbons and hang it! This project is ideal for your indoor tree or outdoor trees.

13. Make a fingerprint snowman ornament with your family

Source: MissLassy

If you like to hang your future’s handprint on your Christmas tree, paint your child’s entire hand and tell them to hold a tree ornament in the shape of a ball.

14. Make angels out of ice cream sticks

Source: Pinterest

Create your own snow angels by cutting only ice cream sticks in different sizes, gluing them together and drawing a face. You can also make the wings with aluminum foil.

15. Create a tealight snowman

Source: Bloglovin

Tealight candles are awesome, easy to install, and inspiring. Just adding a few black dots for the mouth and eyes, a tiny bit of tape. Maybe a little red pipe cleaner.

Do you have a favorite Christmas project or a DIY STEM project?

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