20 easy cake decorating ideas for beginners 2021


Cakes are more than just sweet treats! They symbolize happiness, moments of pleasure, playfulness and conviviality. Whether it’s an anniversary or a wedding, no celebration, big or small, is complete without the main people blowing out the candles and cutting a cake. If you were planning on giving your loved ones a surprise cake, we have something very exciting for you in this article!

Below are 20 simple cake decorating ideas that are perfect for beginners! Anyone with basic baking and icing knowledge can try them out at home to impress their loved one!

20 simple cake decorating ideas for beginners:

Here are 20 simple cake designs that don’t require any special skills or tools and can be tried by anyone:

1. Roses bouquet cake design:

At first glance, this cake design may seem complicated and professionally styled. But, you are wrong! It is very easy to reproduce this model at home. All you need is an icing bag and a rose flower shaped nozzle inserted into it. Fill the sachet with buttercream and press down on the sachet to create the center of the rose. Move the tip in a circle around this center to complete it. Repeat the same steps until you create a huge bouquet of roses on your cake!

2. Kitkat and Gems Cake:

Here’s another easy-to-try cake decorating idea for Cadbury enthusiasts. The sponge cake is covered with a frosting of buttercream or ganache. The circumference of the cake is decorated with strips of Kitkat glued vertically like a wall of chocolate. Now sprinkle a generous amount of colored gems in the center to cover the top surface. There ! Your delicious treat is ready!

3. Easy nude cake design:

Naked cakes are super trendy for their rustic appearance and of course, their simplicity! These cakes have a coarse coating of frosting that partially reveals the sponge cake inside. No wonder they are also called “semi-naked” cakes. Add a little extra cream on top to place fresh fruits, berries, and even flowers. Give it a touch of natural green by sprinkling some herbs on the top and sides.

4. Chocolate cake design:

Have you ever wanted to make drip cakes? Well, you can easily reproduce the “drip” effect using a few simple techniques. Prepare a chocolate syrup of liquid consistency but not watery. Use a spoon and carefully pour it from the edge of the cake. You can also add it to a sauce bottle to release the syrup and run it down. Decorate the top with gold powder, merigues etc.

5. Cake with colorful confetti:

Here’s a super fun and super quick confetti cake your kids will love! Plain buttercream cake is sprinkled with a generous dose of colorful confetti on the bottom layer. You can either your fingers or a spatula to glue the beads to the side of the cake. You can try this technique on top or just sprinkle them with your hands to create a playful cake decor.

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6. Cake decorated with fruits:

Cake and fruit make a delicious combo that’s too good to resist! Besides adding a little bit of acidity to an otherwise sweet cake, fruit also adds a colorful appearance to it. You can try adding different kinds of fruits like kiwi, grapes, strawberries, cherries, apples, raspberries, etc. It is enough to glaze them with sugar to keep their freshness and their lively color. Arrange them nicely to create a delicious fruit cake!

7. Simple fondant decor on the cake:

Here’s another fun and easy way to decorate your cakes. Just add a few edible colors to your fondant and knead well. Roll the sheets of fondant with a pin, use a cookie cutter to cut out different shapes like hearts, stars, circles or whatever your heart desires. Cover the cake with a basic white fondant and glue these shapes using a little buttercream. Keep the decoration as colorful as possible to brighten up the party.

8. Watercolor rainbow themed cake:

Take a look at this very simple yet attractive cake design that features rainbow colors. The sponge cake is covered with a thick layer of buttercream. The remaining buttercream can be divided into 7-8 servings with different colors added. You can use a cake knife or paintbrush to gently “paint” the surface of this cake. Besides a colorful look, this technique can also add an interesting texture to the exterior.

9. Gummy bear cake decoration:

Give a soft touch to your soft and succulent cake by adding a layer of gelatin bears! Each bite is filled with fruit gummies your kids will love to chew on. Well, there is no rocket science involved in this cake topper. Just tear up a bundle of multi-colored gummy bears and dab on the buttercream. Use a spatula to gently squeeze them and create an even surface.

10. Oreo Cookie Cake Decorating:

Here is a classic cookie and cream cake that will satisfy your love for oreo cookies. You can mix cookies with buttercream to create a textured effect on the sides of the cake. Use a little chocolate sauce to add a dripping effect on the top layer. Now pour buttercream along the edge of the cake and attach oreo cookies to it. You can also add crushed cookies on top for an aoreo overloaded cake!

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11. Macaroon Cake Decorating Idea:

Macaroons are delicious sweet treats that have a crunchy shell with a chewy filling inside. They are also available in a variety of colors and flavors, making them the perfect choice to decorate your cake. You can just use a simple vanilla buttercream frosting and stick four to five different flavors of macarons on the side and top. Well, don’t worry about making macaroons! You can get them easily at any local dessert bar.

12. Surprise Pinata Cake:

A Pinata cake is a perfect way to surprise your kids and even guests! Slicing the cake reveals such tempting surprises inside like a cascade of gems, toys, and even secret messages. To make this fun cake, just hollow out the center of the cake and fill it with whatever items you want. Now place the sponge cake on top and cover it with buttercream frosting. You can decorate the sides to hide flaws and expect the “Wow” look on all faces!

13. Splash Cake Decorating Idea:

A Splatter Cake Decorating Idea keeps your kids busy splashing colors on the cake. To give them pleasure, melt buttercream and add edible colors to it. Now dip a cake brush in the cream and start tossing it over the cake to create an abstract pattern. You can cover the table and the walls with plastic sheeting to avoid staining them. Finally, sprinkle with confetti or glue cake decorations to complete it.

14. Colorful striped cakes:

Striped cakes are easy to make and add a splash of color to your party table. You can use a simple buttercream frosting and dress it in thin vertical stripes. Use colors alternately for a vibrant look. In case your piping skills aren’t up to par, use finely rolled strips of fondant and place them on the sides of the cake to create a textured look. Add sugar flowers on top to elevate the decoration to the next level.

15. Crispy Chocolate Nut Cake:

Here is a super simple cake decorating idea that any beginner can confidently attempt. The basic sponge cake is covered with a layer of chocolate cream. Then a generous amount of assorted chopped walnuts is sprinkled all along the sides and top layer to add some nutty to your cake. As a final touch, you can drizzle with a drizzle of chocolate sauce and garnish with white chocolate shavings.

16. Ferrero Rocher Cake Decorating Idea:

Take a look at this delicious cake specially made for chocolate lovers. The frosted chocolate cake receives a generous amount of drops using a thick chocolate syrup. Spirals of chocolate buttercream decorate the top layer, which are topped with unwrapped Ferrero rocher chocolate balls. Crush a few more rocks and sprinkle them along the base to create a layer of chocolate earth.

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17. Toasted coconut cake:

If you are someone who loves coconuts, try this decorating idea! Add a little coconut cream to your ice cream to infuse a natural coconut flavor into the cake. Now it’s time to decorate, using toasted coconut shavings or even desiccated coconut powder on the sides. Besides creating an interesting texture to your cake, coconut can also add a bit of crunch and flavor.

18. Lollipop Cake Decorating:

How about a double treat for your little one? A delicious frosted vanilla cake decorated with colorful spiral lollipops! You can just go for a colorful top layer and stick these delicious treats in an uneven layer. Use a mix of small and large pops for a creative look. You can also try cake pops, gel candies, and even cookie sticks to decorate your cake.

19. Cake decoration:

Here is an absolutely fun and easy way to play with your cake. Just buy a cute cake to suit the theme of your party. Add cream and color to the base and stick it on. You can try a variety of themes like Frozen, Flamingo, Cars and even custom photographs, messages. Edible toppers can also be created using photo printing on fondants.

20. Edible flower cake decoration:

Edible flowers turn a simple cake into a work of art. You can choose from sunflowers, roses, hibiscus, violets, dandelions, pansies, nasturtiums, etc. which are shiny and beautiful to look at. Make sure you wash and dry them well. Use a brush to straighten the petals and carefully place them on the top layer of your cake. You will have the perfect cake in no time!

We hope you liked these 20 simple cake design ideas. We’ve tried to cover most of the beginner-friendly designs for you. However, if you have any smarter concepts than these, let us know. We would be happy to improve our knowledge!


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