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What do you do when the last summer blues slowly start to wash over you? You get your weeny, of course. When the days start to darken and the nights start to get colder, one of the only things that keeps us going is plan our annual Halloween parties and get our Wednesday Addams on. This October 31 will also be very special, because Hocus Pocus 2 is being released. Yes, you heard that right, the iconic 1993 film is back for a second round almost 20 years later, and we couldn’t be more excited! Theme party, anyone?

So if this news has brightened your spooky mind a bit and the idea of ​​going full party planner mode has you buzzing, we’ve got you covered. Once you have your sorted food and drinkDIY Halloween decorations should be next on your list with these handy (and really, really easy) Pinterest tutorials. Whether you’re looking for minimum effort with maximum reward (hello, spider ice cubes) or fancy pulling out your craft knife and doing some real style GCSE design and technology, we’ve got you covered. you need with these ideas.

Pinterest Halloween Ideas

Spider icicles

As if this one needed explaining – all you have to do is put plastic spider toys in your ice cube trays before filling them with water and sticking them in your freezer. Hey presto, scary drinks. Be sure to save your plastic spiders for next year to be eco-friendly.

crocs towel holder

Is this the easiest Halloween decoration idea ever? Stick a pair of crocs under your napkin at a dinner party and you’re good to go.

toilet paper faces

If you have trees or bushes outside your house, that’s great. Cut pairs of eyes out of cardboard toilet rolls, hang a glow stick to put them inside, and place them in your hedge when it gets dark. GENIUS.

Cobwebs trash bag

OK OK so this could have appeared in our Halloween Pinterest Fails, but if you follow the right pattern, these are quite effective. All you need is a trash bag (make sure you have some left over for cleanup, though!), scissors, and lots of patience.

Pumpkin cup holder

Empty the interior. Prick into a bowl. Fill with ice and alcohol. The *perfect* low-stress Halloween decoration if you’re just having a few friends over for dinner. A centerpiece that is actually functional = a winner.

Blood Dripping Candle

Use a red candle to drip wax onto an old wine bottle to act as a blood spatter. When you later light your real candle, it will be super effective.

wall bats

How awesome do they look? Super easy too. Find a template in the shape of a bat and absolutely cut fillers (more is more in this case) out of black cardboard, before folding down the middle and sticking to the wall using double-sided tape.

mummy jars

Old jam jars become your best friends on Halloween. Wrap it in muslin or crepe paper, glue some googly eyes and turn on a light inside. It literally couldn’t be easier or more efficient – plus you can collect your jars at the end to use them for something else.

Tin can lights

A little more delicately put really great if you can be arsed. Use a drill to drill holes in an old can of paint in any design you like, put some string lights inside, and wait until it gets dark. Oh.

eyeball crown

Whether you stick googly eyes on ping pong balls or buy your spooky eyeballs already painted, all you have to do is stick them all on a ready-made Christmas wreath wherever you like. . Such a cute end result.

Syringe shots

Plastic game syringes. Alcohol. drinking games. Do.

Hands of icicles

THESE ARE SO FUN. Use an unused plastic glove or dishcloth, fill it with water or your beverage of choice, and tie a rubber band very tightly around the end. Put it in the freezer and whenever necessary, cut the glove.

Hanging Ghosts

All you need is white paper or card and yarn or clear yarn to create these adorable hanging ghosts. Cover your ceiling indoors or hang them from trees in the garden. Perfect!

Floating candles

It gives Harry Potter a great hall vibe and we can’t get enough of it. Involving recycled toilet paper tubes, spray paint, tea lights, hot glue and a few other crafty items, you can give the illusion that you have floating candles in the house. This super easy tutorial also has a video version, so you can follow the steps and take a break when you need to!

People will think you really went to Hogwarts, just by saying.

String cobwebs

Put those papier-mache skills back into action. Once you have an inflated balloon, start covering it with sticky string until it forms a hard web. Then place the balloon inside and decorate your new creation with fake spiders.

spider lights

Save your jars now for this quick and easy decoration! You’ll also need a frosted glass spray bottle, cotton wool, a battery-operated tealight, and of course, some fake spiders! Once you’ve soaked the jars and all the labels have come off, let them dry and then spray them with the frosted glass spray. Let it dry, then light the tealight at the bottom. Take some cotton and fill the jars so they look like a web, then place the spiders on top and in between so they can be seen through the glass.

macabre pom poms

We’ve all learned how to make pom poms as Christmas decorations, but what about Halloween too? This tutorial helps you turn them into ghosts *and* mini pumpkins, to create the coolest DIY garland.

eye stones

This one may take a bit of foraging, but it’s totally worth it. All you need are tough stones and paints to create weird eyeballs to leave outside your door.

Halloween candles

It’s *so* impressive. Anyone else have Kat Von D vibes? All you will need are pool noodles, a glue gun, rubber bands and flameless candles.

Start by grabbing a few noodles and cutting them into different sizes (as pictured) and wrapping rubber bands around them to keep them together. Next, use your glue gun to drizzle hot glue over your “candles” so they look like candle wax, before gluing the flameless ones to the top of each noodle.

Whether you want to leave your creation as is, or go even spookier and paint the fake candles black and add a few extra details (fake spiders, blood, the lot), you still have some cool Halloween decor!

Hocus Pocus wall hanging

There’s literally a Hocus Pocus themed decoration – it’s meant to be! OK, while this one might be a little trickier than some others, if you’re a die-hard fan and have the free time to invest, you’re sure to wow all of your guests on October 31st!

paper pumpkins

This one is described as “craft for kids”, which is probably the level of DIY we’re at. These involve painting a paper plate white, then cutting a pumpkin design on it, before placing it in front of a fake candle for a glowing effect. Clever.

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