5 Best Minecraft Bedroom Decor Ideas (2021)


Building is one of the core mechanics of Minecraft. Whether the construction is a large castle with a plethora of towers or a simple panic shelter, construction has a crucial role to play in all aspects of the game. For players who build bases or modern houses, interior decoration occupies a large part of the construction progress.

Bedrooms are one of the main rooms of any house built in Minecraft. Players want their rooms to be beautifully decorated and adorned with ornaments. Fortunately, Minecraft offers a large inventory of resources, which can be used to build and beautify a perfect bedroom. Below are some of the best room designs for players to try out in Minecraft.

The Five Best Bedroom Decor Designs in Minecraft

5) Glowstone and banners

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This build is quite simple. However, if attempted in survival mode, the player must travel to the Nether to retrieve Glowstone. In this build, the player must place two Lightstone blocks, a Depth block, and a Banner on each. These banners will serve as pillows.

Two beds can then be placed at the banner bar, thus completing the construction of the double bed. Glowstone will emit a low glow at night, contributing to the aesthetics of the building.

4) A relaxed master bedroom

A master bedroom in Minecraft (Image via u/RICKY_CRAFT on Reddit)
A master bedroom in Minecraft (Image via u/RICKY_CRAFT on Reddit)

This design makes for a quaint little bedroom that is neither too small nor too big. The back of the bed may have a small space for some paintings. Additionally, a shelf can be included on both sides of the bed. An assortment of gray, white, and black rugs can contribute to the aesthetic appeal of the bedroom, along with flower pots, more paintings, a window, and sea lanterns for lighting.

3) Bed mat

A bed with pink rugs as sheets (Image via PopularMMOs on YouTube)
A bed with pink rugs as sheets (Image via PopularMMOs on YouTube)

This decorating procedure involves a large double bed with a wooden plank base and stairs. As for the pillows, it is advisable to put snow from a snow bucket, and above it – a white carpet. For sheets, carpets of any color can be used. Finally, panels can be used to surround the bed with a small border.

2) Bunk bed

Bunk beds in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)
Bunk beds in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)

This build relies heavily on hatches and barrels. It has space for two beds, placed in a vertical segment. Barrels can be placed next to beds. Additionally, a ladder can be placed to reach the bed above. This build can be expanded with more layers and surrounded by more barrels and accessories like flowerpots and leaves.

1) Small bedroom

A mini bedroom concept in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)
A mini bedroom concept in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)

This build features a small chamber design, consisting mostly of wooden structures. A set of shelves surrounds the build, with a few barrels next to the bed. A small platform can be built using trapdoors, with a storage area below for chests, an enchantment table, or ovens. A lantern can be used for lighting.

Room decoration is an important part of building in Minecraft. Decorating and trying out different designs for rooms is a long and detailed process for players, as each player imagines their room as a place with a great view and aesthetic.

To note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of the author only.

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