5 Last Minute DIY Christmas Decorating Ideas from TikTok!


(TikTok / @ averagebutinspired)

Reindeer and snowmen and elves, OH MY! Christmas is this weekend, and you still haven’t got your decorations out yet ?! It seems quite unsettling to me, but no worries! As always, TikTok users have equipped us with quick and easy last-minute DIY Christmas decorations to install before your friends and family come out to celebrate. Come on, let’s go to the stores and start decorating!

First up, we have a really beautiful and affordable Christmas centerpiece from TikTok user @averagebutinspired. Using bottle trees, blocks, deer ornaments, faux snow and string lights from Dollar Tree, the end result is a stunning winter wonderland centerpiece, perfect for dining tables at admire with families at dinner.

Next is TikTok user @floralfay, who gives us a cute DIY star decoration, perfect to hang on the walls or ceiling, and even great for New Years Eve! Just using card stock, a pen, scissors to cut and fold in precise places, glue and gold spray, this is something so smart and yet I certainly wouldn’t have thought of it!

Are you looking for something a little more complex? TikTok user @makeitwithmicah gives us exactly that! Using Dollar Tree supplies such as Pool Noodle Foam, LED Tea Light Candles, Shower Curtain Rings, Paper Cups, Glitter Tape, and a step by step process, we we end up with absolutely gorgeous candles that are so aesthetic for photos!

And for the Christmas holidays? TikTok user @tannermmann shows us a DIY for a super creative Christmas centerpiece that’s easy to apply to a table! Using just a drink, candy canes and bags of Hershey kisses, it’s just great to have people grab a treat on the way!

Last but not least, TikTok user @ bre.pickett shows us a cute and perfect decoration for front doors! Perhaps the simplest decoration yet with just a red ribbon and a red bow, it creates a “door giveaway” that is actually quite clever! I should definitely try this one next year!

Well, what are you waiting for ?! Let’s make our homes festive before Christmas arrives! And of course, Merry Christmas everyone a good night!


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