7 amazing interior design ideas to try in 2021


The coronavirus pandemic has impacted many industries, including the home. As people were spending more time indoors in 2020, they didn’t just need more comfort. But they were also forced to reinvent their living spaces to meet the demands of their new lifestyle.

You can build a functional home office, design a living room for Zoom, and learn from a distance. However, almost every area of ​​the house was probably in need of a makeover.

Here you will learn about the hottest interior design trends for 2021. So if you are a design lover, keep scrolling for what to expect from the design world. It also includes trendy paint colors, durable fabrics, houseplants, bright lighting and more.

1. Combine checks and stripes

This fun new trend combines two of everyone’s favorite designs – checks and stripes, plus new season colors.

To get the right balance, mix and match patterns at different scales. For example, the delicately patterned pillows and blankets in the bedroom soften the effect of stripes and tiles on the wall.

2. Become a plant parent


The abundance of natural light provides the perfect excuse to transform your home into a haven of greenery. While faux plants may have been handy in the past, you can opt for the real ones this year.

Because everyone is confined to their own home, small pleasures bring you joy. Plants are easy to care for and take your mind away from the stresses of everyday life. There are many more benefits to having natural plants than to having fake plants.

3. Rethink formal rooms


It’s time to put functionality at the forefront, which could mean goodbye to old dining rooms or formal living rooms. Instead, make this dining room a work-from-home office, a place for your kids to do their homework, or a place to hang out.

You want spaces that you can use and inhabit that reflect your personality and make you happier. ElephantStock can also provide fantastic wall art for your new room.

4. Make your furniture work harder


Now that everyone has returned home, people are looking around and saying to themselves, “OK, they are spending more time at home”. You need a functional residence.

You can make it look good, but it also has to serve a dual purpose. You can’t go wrong with versatile furniture when decorating your home or replacing what you already have. For example, use a drop-down table or console table instead of a desk to save space.

5. A sustainable and eco-responsible decor

Staying indoors for most of 2020 has had a significant impact on people’s attitudes. One of the most appealing perceptions is about nature and how, at the very least, people need to start conserving it now.

Sustainable and eco-friendly design can be found in home interiors. The more natural materials you use to decorate your home, the more environmentally friendly it will be. Use materials with a low carbon footprint and use as little plastic as possible.

Instead of synthetic items, you can furnish your home with natural and biodegradable materials like wood, hemp, cane, rattan, etc. Plus, consider using locally found items, like tribal art, or hire a local artist to paint your walls for you.

6. 80s retro elements


Nothing compares to the decade of the 1980s. All the glitz, glam and bling are back! From 2021, 80s decor elements such as disco lights and architectural ruptures such as arches will make a comeback.

Choose an item for your space that will add a touch of glitter to your decor. In this case, metallic lights are all the rage. Consider using wallpaper to create faux arches or update a window.

7. Switch on


Besides natural light, creative lighting will undoubtedly become more and more popular in homes. The decor can be illuminated with a flexible lighting configuration. Because people all spend more time at home, lightweight home offices and relaxation spaces are given a lot of thought. As a result, there will be an increasing demand for lights with brightness, color and transition settings.

Lighting controls and advancements in fixtures offer energy efficient and portable lamps. And automated controls via mobile apps, allowing better settings for essential lighting and decorative lighting in homes.

The bottom line

As you can see, when it comes to interior design, 2021 will be a year of contrasts and sustainability. The choice of materials and their sourcing will be decisive, as will comfort and style. Try to put into practice some of these trends listed here to stay on trend!


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