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Wall decorating might seem like an expensive process for an expansive wall, but it’s not necessary if you have the means to create something on your own. A DIY activity would also be a great bonding experience for friends and family creating something together. Even if you prefer a minimalist decor, certain accessories or vignettes can make bare walls much more interesting to look at. Here are some of our favorite wall art ideas and products you need for DIY:

Anyone who wants to add texture and depth to an accent wall without covering it with artwork or posters can opt for a 3D sticker. These butterfly stickers will bring an airy vibe to your wall and also make it interesting.


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Paint your bedroom headboard wall with this stencil and see how the look of the whole room changes. You can also use this stencil on doors, cabinets and other empty walls in the house.

This wall hanging will be the perfect inspiration to try your hand at macrame and create wall hangings. The stunning design would be perfect above the headboard or near a window. You can even add fairy lights to this wall hanging.

If you don’t like manual labor, consider this mural that will instantly bring a bare wall to life. This mural measures 29 inches by 58 inches and is made from oil-based inks.

This reusable wallpaper will allow you to renovate any wall in your home. If you’ve just started working from home, consider upgrading the nearby wall to give the area a makeover and brand new look.

Gallery walls are all about mixing and matching images that inspire you. Make the blank walls in your room attractive with this set of photo frames that convey motivational messages.

A perfect blend of functionality and beauty, this pegboard is beautiful enough to act on its own as a work of art, but also doubles as storage at the same time. If you haven’t experimented with pegboard in your home, consider purchasing this one and spray painting it to create colorful wall storage.

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