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The holidays are fast approaching: you’ll be decorating the hallways with Christmas decorations before you know it. While wreaths, stockings, and your well-appointed classic pine are a must this time of year, your decorations can always be spruced up. (After all, nothing will get in the way of your style like mini Santa Claus or Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.) Granted, Christmas decorations can seem a bit overbearing, as if straying from a red and green color scheme would make you feel like a little bit of a pushover. would get on the ugly list. But it turns out that Christmas decoration is full of unlimited design potential – you just need to get a little creative.

To help you jumpstart your inspiration, feast your eyes on the 75 divine Christmas decorating ideas here. From clean wrapping paper and glitzy accessories to an innovative alternative to your favorite vacation essentials, we’re sure you’ll find something to make your mind cheerful, bright and so beautiful.

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Enjoy the repetition

Think of rehearsal as an easy, low-maintenance way to make a statement. In this Havenly lounge, double crowns complement the matching cocktail and side tables.

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Pink glasses

Just because red and green are the typical Christmas color palette, doesn’t mean they’re your only options. Havenly’s Heather Goerzen turned the status quo upside down by filling this corner with hot pinks, creams and oranges. The result is a fun and refreshing take on the classic palette.

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High Heating

You can dress up any nook and cranny in your home – just take a look at this space from Havenly. Shelby Girard, the brand’s vice president of creative and design, embellished this radiator with a garland, string lights and minimalist stockings.

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Luxury laundry

Anyone looking to spruce up their laundry room should be inspired by Lauren Elaine Interiors. The Atlanta-based designer spruced up this pantry with a lush green crown and matching mini topiaries.

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Winter whites

Bring the snowy outdoors to your dining table by coating the surface with a mixture of whites, creams and ivories. Textile designer John Robshaw added a bright green bouquet to keep this neutral table landscape from looking dull.

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Handicraft service

As interior design John mcclain proves, some of the best Christmas decorating ideas can come from flexing your creative muscle.

“Use what you have, he says. “This bookcase was embellished with ribbons and wreaths strategically placed in the center of each opening. Replace a few of your everyday accessories with holiday accessories, and you have a holiday library! “

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On the other side of the coin

What’s the best way to balance a decadent Christmas tree? A smaller overturned tree, as seen in this space by John McClain. “To mimic the effects of a chandelier, an inexpensive faux tree was hung from a carnation above the table,” he says. “The backyard vines that are sprayed with gold and wired at the base both hide the mechanics and create an additional element of whimsy.”

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Sitting pretty

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need fancy table decor to make your dining room shine. John mcclain artfully tied a bundle of festival foliage to the back of each chair. The result? A beautiful arrangement that will look great from breakfast to dinner.

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Get glitzy

A wreath is a sure-fire way to bring the holiday spirit to any room. Want to take this Christmas staple up a notch? Decorate it with golden balls.

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Accessorize with asymmetry

In case you missed it, Christmas decorations don’t have to be perfectly asymmetrical. Annie sloan created a lot of movement and visual interest in this piece, thanks to the quirky garland and provocative plant.

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Gift Garland

If you want to give your home a feeling of childhood wonder, bring the Christmas decorations to your children’s room. Annie sloan adorned this space with a sprig of pint-sized gifts. (Translation: This decoration idea is literally The gift that keeps on giving.)

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Looking to create a dining room that appeals to all of the senses? Add leafy greens to your space. Annie sloan took Christmas decor to new heights with an ornate hanging branch. It’s like a Christmas tree for your dining area!

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Christmas kitchen

Filling a kitchen with holiday cheer is a tall order. However, as Julie blanner proves it, it’s as easy as hanging a minimalist wreath above your stove.

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Small but mighty

As this corner from Shabby Chic founder Rachel Ashwell proves, the biggest claims can often come in small packages. This Christmas tree might be small, but its pink color scheme and glitzy ornaments pack a punch.

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Mid-century wonder

Calling all mid-century lovers: this space of Anne Sage proves you can take a modern approach to Christmas decorations. The cheerful palette and sleek silhouettes of the tableware are delightfully retro, while a small silver tree in the middle provides a subtle holiday spirit.

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Formidable tree

Do you want to give your Christmas decorations a “wow” effect? Interior decorator Williams rabbit opts for an oversized tree. “It seems like it’s increasing every year,” she says. “The ornaments are getting very sentimental, and I still have a few from my childhood. You put them on the tree every year and then when you take them apart, you can’t wait to see them again the next year.

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The textured treatment

Mixing different materials is a simple and effective way to add a warm spirit to your space. Here, Williams rabbit juxtaposes lush branches with berries, fruits and tactile trees. Williams sticks to an earthy color palette to keep the vignette cohesive rather than contradictory.

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One with nature

If you want to bring winter wonderland into your home, decorate your space with elements of the great outdoors. Williams rabbit covered his coat with faux mushrooms, branches and wooden accents. Sprigs of pine cones and chestnuts give this look a seasonal touch.

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Color coordination

Want to transform your home into a stylish space that can rival your favorite Christmas movie? Interior decorator Marie Flanigan recommends going for an organized color scheme.

“Streamline the decorating process by committing to a color palette,” she says. “Whether it’s white on white or traditional red and green, decide on a clear direction and make sure all newly purchased items are coordinated. ”

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Unexpected elegance

If hanging a wreath on your front door seems a bit basic, get inspiration from Gillian segal and go for a bunch of different branches. It’s an unexpected but cool effortless alternative.

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Wonderful packaging

A well-designed gift wrap can give your space a festive and photogenic finishing touch. Gillian segal kept it simple with a neutral palette and a stray twig.

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Stay relaxed

Decorating your home with casual nonchalance will give your space a cool, modern edge. Instead of wrapping a garland tightly around a railing, Gillian segal draped a loose, wild wick down a staircase.

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Dazzle with dreidels

Christmas is not the only holiday worth celebrating this season. If you are also ringing in the eight bright nights of Chanukah, keep a set of colorful dreidels in an acrylic bowl at the Gillian segal.

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City landscape

Turn your dining table into a makeshift North Pole by creating a lively centerpiece with snow-capped wooden houses, strategically placed branches and miniature trees. Let Rashmi Patel from Rush me home show you how it’s done.

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Beautiful garland

A lush garland can look great anywhere, even draped over a large mirror. Not only does this decorating idea usher in the holiday spirit, but the vibrant green also stands out. At Shavonda Gardner black walls and fuchsia front door.

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Feel fruity

By decorating his fireplace, Kaelyn Guerin exchanged holly sprigs for dried orange slices. The result? The perfect mix between festive and fruity.

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Simplicity is the key

You don’t have to go out of your way to make a statement. As this Serena & Lily setup proves, simply hanging a textured wreath can add a lot of visual appeal.

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Fantasy Feast

Pine branches can add a festive spirit to any space. Here, the extra foliage gives a wintery touch to a coastal bar cart from Serena & Lily.

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Are you looking for a stylish, seasonal and cozy Christmas decoration idea? Channel this table from Serena & Lily by draping a faux fur throw over your dining chairs.

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Minimalist coat

Just because you’re decorating for the most wonderful time of year doesn’t mean you have to settle for holly boughs and checkered accents. If your aesthetic is more minimalist, take inspiration from Harlow and thistle and decorate your fireplace mantel with dried wheatgrass, rare eucalyptus leaves and nickel accents.

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