Add a touch of simplicity and elegance to your birthday decoration: ideas here

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Birthdays are a pretty big occasion even though they happen every year! It doesn’t matter whether you spend it with your friend or your family, these parties are always extremely fun! And since these parties are fun, it is normal that the decor is too! Here are some simple yet elegant birthday decoration ideas you could use for your next party!

1) Foil balloons:
Birthday parties are always filled with balloons. But, you can make your party stand out a little more with foil balloons instead! Get the different minimal shapes or even stick a “Happy Birthday” foil balloon decor!

2) Fairy lights:
Lighting is extremely important in setting the mood for the party. Garlands always work best! Integrate them with the rest of your decor and let them work their magic!

3) Banners:
Streamers are essential. You can try different types, just simple streamers to hang around the room or you can also use one as a flashy backdrop!

4) Balloon decoration:
You can never go wrong with some balloon decorations! Simply choose the theme and color, then install the balloons as a prop on a funky background. These will make for amazing pictures!

5) Cake decorations:
Step it up with a cake topper, too! It’s kind of boring to see the same birthday candles on a simple chocolate cake. Go ahead and try different toppings that will make the most important part of the party even grander!

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