Announcing the Winners and Overall Champion of Martinsburg Town Hall’s Inaugural Holiday Decorating Contest | Journal-news


MARTINSBURG — A winner from each Martinsburg neighborhood, as well as the overall city winner, for Martinsburg City Hall’s inaugural holiday decorating contest was announced Friday.

To encourage the Christmas spirit, Mayor Kevin Knowles launched the contest this year.

“Many homeowners take great pride in the way they decorate and maintain their homes. It’s an opportunity not just to have great pride, but to get recognition and for others to see what they’ve done on the holidays, Knowles previously said.

There was one winner from each of the city’s five wards and one overall Martinsburg Holiday Decorating Champion.

Martinsburg’s overall holiday decorating champion was at 1407 West Virginia Ave., the home of Daniel and Crystal Berbigler in Ward 2.

Crystal is proud to be the designer of how they will decorate the property, and Daniel, along with Courtney and Matthew Riggs, help with the decorating aspect.

“We’re doing this for our 5-year-old grandson,” Crystal Bergbigler said. “We’ve been doing it for about six years, and it’s getting bigger every year. It’s hard to knock people down that way, so it’s great to win that.

Each ward winner and overall city champion were recognized with a proclamation from the mayor, a photo of each winner highlighted on the city’s website and social media pages, and a sign indicating that the residence is a Martinsburg Holiday Decorating Champion.

The Ward 1 winner was at 330 S. Kentucky Ave. The Ward 3 winner was at 1214 W. King St., the home of Ronald Hoffman. Hoffman has won several first place awards for his decoration in the Martinsburg and Winchester area in competitions and as a designer.

“I’ve been decorating since I won a Christmas decorating contest when I was 15. I’ve been a float builder for 35 years,” Hoffman said.

The Ward 4 winner was at 351 Boyd Ave., where Deborah Hill and her fiancé, Lester Pigford, had their home decorated for the holidays.

“I’m a kid at heart when it comes to this. I like to decorate. Year round we keep the lights on anyway. I’m a kid at heart and I love it,” Hill said.

The Ward 5 winner was at 313 Twigg Drive, the home of Robert and Melanie Bennett.

“We’ve been doing it every year for about six years, and it just keeps getting bigger every year,” Robert Bennett said. “The whole family comes to help.

Knowles said that next year the competition will expand and new opportunities, such as a possible audience award and other additions, will increase the competition and the Christmas spirit.

“I always get excited at this time of year when I see the thought and effort people put into decorating,” Knowles said. “It’s a fun thing and something different to involve people in the community and in their neighborhoods.”


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