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While people do a lot of research to install the new floor, paint the wall and select the right furniture, they often don’t think deeply about the decoration of the ceiling. Instead, they generally prefer to have a solid white ceiling. And indeed, a white roof is elegant, but adding an artistic touch in the 5th wall design can dramatically transform your rooms, making a personal and beautiful interior statement with minimal effort. At this point, we have collected some of the best ceilings here decoration ideas to create a luxurious effect on your home.

Stay close to the wall diagram

Decorating your ceiling with paint similar to your wall scheme is probably the easiest idea. We tend to take it as a given. You can opt for a little more lighter shade to decorate the flow of the ceiling. This idea will give your home a simple yet natural look. However, you can choose to do a lighter shade on the paint to add some charm.

Opt for classic coffered molding

Classic coffered molding design can never stop you from making your space look spectacular. A coffered ceiling can immediately elevate your space with an artistic and elegant vibe with the right color scheme. Not a big fan of simple traditional design? You can opt for modern shades. You can choose a unified color palette and paint each molding differently. Also, antique furniture in the room will help complete your coffered ceiling design.

Get printed with wallpaper

Wallpaper is a punchy accent for any room. With the right print and color choices, wallpaper can brighten up your space in a snap. Although the name may be too limiting or misleading, wallpaper can be an integral part of any ceiling decorating idea. For example, a dark blue patterned print on the ceiling of your white room can instantly create a balance of intensity throughout the space.

Paint with a contrasting color.

Painting your ceiling in a color that complements your other decorating instrument can be a spectacular design idea for your 5th ceiling. For example, a room completely furnished in white contrasting with a dark green colored ceiling can work an absolute wonder. Then, tie it up with the cushion and ceiling light to create a cohesive look throughout the space. In this case, it is ideal to use a glossy paint that reflects light and softens the muting impact of dark colors.

Ceiling Decoration Ideas
light up the ceiling

Aren’t you very dedicated to a full-fledged ceiling project? Decorating your room on the rise can always catch your eye. Making a focal point of lighting to focus on can work in your favor. You can hang two or three similar or different Murano glass chandeliers at varying heights to achieve a contemporary style. For a maximalist interior, hanging a ceiling light will bring a grand view to your room. You can find various artistic ceiling lights from – handcrafted by master glassmakers in authentic classic Venetian Murano glass.


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