Birthday Room Decorating Ideas: Birthday celebrations deserve to be special during lockdown or not!


With the ongoing lockdown in several parts of the country, it can be difficult to find the motivation to celebrate some of the most anticipated and valuable celebrations on your calendar. It can be put off on your loved one’s birthdays, which usually involved throwing a big pug party, having fun trips, surprise parties, and many more.

As the large gathering has been restricted due to the spread of the coronavirus, there are still some amazing ideas for lockdown anniversary celebrations. We believe birthday celebrations are also worth being special during lockdown, one of the best ways to show your love and care for your loved ones can be decorating the bedroom for a surprise little party even at your home. among your families.

We believe that throughout our lives we are sure to go through unpredictable times of sadness as well as joy, but one thing that remains the same is our goal of achieving happiness. Whether it’s your little one’s birthday, your parents ‘or grandparents’ day, or yours, the joy of this milestone can be celebrated even with a small reunion or an intimate meal with your loved ones.

To make your special day even more special during confinement, we have come up with some decorating ideas, let it be your kids first. birthday decoration or the 50 years of your parentse birthday decoration. The items listed below can be easily purchased online, even during a lockdown.

You can go for NJ PARTY SHOP which not only provides the best party accessories but is also very fast in their delivery service. We believe these simple ideas can for sure make your home birthday decoration the best.

  1. Elevate the home decor with balloons

Adding happy birthday balloons can change the look of the party space and is also known to have an impact on mood. Space can be just as chic, as there is something special about opting for an energetic balloon scheme to express your design aesthetic on a special day. From bold colors to incorporating soft, pastel hues, you are a game-changer for decorating your birthday party at home.

  1. Dress up your table

Adding gorgeous party accessories like table runners, balloons, ribbons are sure to take your room to the next level. Various colors can fill the table decoration with pleasure and make it more attractive. Place the gifts on the table with balloons or any centerpiece.

  1. A photo calendar that has memories

Bring back all the memories of your special day or that of your loved ones with an addition of a photo calendar that is beautiful while decorating. You can add memorable photos of your child or anyone special for their birthday and hang the calendar on the wall along with other gifts. They look great when incorporated with a few LED lights.

  1. Have a banner that greets and wishes the celebrant

Whether you compensate for the sweet design of the banners or combine HAPPY BIRTHDAY banners with brightly colored balloons, whether you are subtle with an aluminum curtain or know your party space with wonderful gifts, you will surely have a winner. home birthday decoration.

Add birthday banners according to your birthday party theme or color scheme. It can be a paper banner or foil balloon banner with alphabet letters, so the wall decoration will look beautiful.

  1. Brighten up with lights

Nothing is as bright as adding LED lights to the party space. LED lights are a must have that can adapt to any type of festival and celebration. Since they are versatile enough to be incorporated into any event and can also be reused, these economical additions can make your special day fascinating.

  1. Backdrop that adds fun with photo booth props

Another amazing idea for decorating the room for a birthday can be adding a backdrop with some unique photo booth props. Accessories are so fashionable these days that everyone is in the race to get the insta-worthy captured memories. Depending on your theme and party, you can get some cool and awesome props to add fun to your celebration.

  1. Party accessories for fun

We know that a party can never be complete without the addition of party accessories, which is why consider getting some unique accessories to make the celebration the best. From tiara, headband, masks, glasses to belt and many more, there are many varieties online that you can go for.

  1. Flag banner to add the finishing touch

Add the finishing touches to your bedroom decor on your birthday with the addition of colorful themed flag banners. Colorful flag banners can appear in a completely dull room. They can even be integrated into your HAPPY BIRTHDAY banner and other party supplies. There’s nothing quite like a touch of fun to liven up a drab room than opting for a fun flag banner.

  1. Cake Decorating

Another essential element of a birthday party is the cake and you can never miss a cake decoration to spruce it up. Consider adding unique cake decorations to decorate the special cake that makes an elegant statement. Also consider adding birthday cake candles to enhance the appearance of the cake.

  1. Swirl decorations and pom poms

Last but not the least, to enhance the birthday room decorations, swirls and pom poms depending on your birthday theme and color may be the best choices. Hang them anywhere, they will be gorgeous for sure. These trendy party favors are a must have if you are considering birthday party decorations because they can enhance your celebration and the mood too!

We hope the above all-time favorite bedroom decorating ideas for your birthday can be inspirational enough that you are bold and give your space the colorful and fun boost it needs. We bet you’ll fall in love with these ideas after taking a look at these amazingly decorated party room decorations.

Posted on June 1, 2021


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