Brighten up your home this Pongal with these decorative ideas


The main attraction of the Pongal festival is the kitchen or the front/back yard. The pot is decorated and all the decorations surround this Pongal pot. Many kolam patterns are made around the pot and cooking fire.

Pongal Decoration Ideas

The painted pot:

Pongal is usually cooked in an earthen pot as shown in the figure. The pot is usually painted with different color patterns to make your Pongal decoration even more attractive!

The Pongal Festival:

Pongal feast is spread on banana leaves. See how you can a traditional art of serving food.

Cooking the Pongal:

It is a place where Pongal is cooked with all the decoration around the area.

You can cook this delicious Pongal dish in an earthen pot and also in a brass vessel easily available on amazon.

The sacred cow:

The 4 days of the Pongal festival is all about worshiping a holy cow for Hindus. So you can create innovative kolam (rangoli) designs that look like a cow!

Sugar cane decor:

Candy cane is an integral part of Pongal celebrations and is therefore a fabulous accessory to create a fun decor. At the entrance, place three piles of candy cane with a small pot on top of the tripod structure.

Everyone will effortlessly associate it with the festival. Also use candy cane sticks to add drama to interiors. A simple and easy to do decoration!

Innovative Rangoli – Kolam Designs:

Every housewife knows how to make Kolam in Tamil Nadu. So if you can come up with innovative designs, you can outshine your neighbors!


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