By Barcelona-USA via Canada, the M5S Termoli asks for more decoration


The five-star movement of Thermoli accuses the Roberti administration of not betting on the urban setting. To do this, he posts a slew of photos depicting broken sidewalks, weeds, flower beds and more across Canada and America.

“Improving the city’s urban landscape with redevelopment interventions is one of the many responsibilities that Mayor Roberti has taken on in competition for executive offices,” Grillini recalled. Well, keep it up. Via The park in the United States-Canada is unkempt and poorly maintained. No games but broken tiles. There is still a school a few steps away, which is why it is constantly occupied by children and for logical reasons it should be more attentive and caring, but apparently in an inverted world this is not a priority. When it rains, the mud pits that make the sidewalks adjacent to the park impassable, if you can call them that, are all documented in photographs as litter left a few feet away.

The elected officials of the M5S have filed an appeal for “an urgent intervention in terms of security, public health, health and urban development. We look forward to taking immediate action for the safety of all citizens and especially minors. »


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