Christmas decoration backfires after neighbors appear to call firefighters


A decorator designs Christmas decorations on his house that backfired after his neighbors mistook the realistic prank for a real accident and called 911.

Doug Peterson of Oceanport, New Jersey wanted to recreate a famous scene from the comedy classic National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation where Chevy Chase finds herself hanging from the roof of her house.

Peterson went to such painstaking detail that he even managed to install a motor to move his mannequin’s legs while he hung from gutters as well as sound and light effects, as well as a fallen ladder to really add to the stage.

Still, the setup was so realistic that it seems she took some of her neighbors by surprise.

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In a clip Peterson shared on TikTok, which shows him doing the script, he is cut off to the sound of sirens and a fire engine arriving at the scene after apparently being alerted by neighbors.

It is not known if firefighters were arriving to deal with the dummy hanging from the roof or if they were responding to another incident nearby or if Peterson had been in trouble with the firefighters.

Regardless, his efforts in the prank have brought Peterson fame on the internet, as one of the videos of him building the prank has now been viewed on TikTok over 4 million times.

As you can imagine, people thought the prank and the fact that emergency services were called to the scene was hilarious.

One person wrote: “Ha ha! As a 911 dispatcher I used to get calls every year about a house hanging a body on Halloween, so much better.

A second said, “911 what’s your emergency? There is a guy … whatever.

A third person wisely observed, “I love the way someone called for help rather than really going out to help. “


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