Christmas decoration prank with hanging mannequin turning on it, neighbors call firefighters [WATCH]


Christmas decoration stuffing with hanging mannequin flames | Photo credit: Twitter


  • A decorator created a mannequin and hung it on the roof of his house
  • Firefighters arrived at the residence after locals believed it was a real person hanging from the house

A decorator’s elaborate plan to prank people with hyper-realistic Christmas decorations backfired miserably after a local called the fire department.

The New Jersey decorator created an automated mannequin based on the 1989 holiday movie “Christmas Vacation.”

The idea was to recreate a scene from the classic comedy where the character Clark Griswold, played by actor Chevy Chase, found himself hanging from the roof of his house.

Doug Peterson created the decoration down to the smallest detail and even managed to install a motor to allow the mannequin’s legs to move as he hung from the roof, according to one. Daily mail report.

Peterson, who did everything himself, even posted a video of the model mimicking the scene.

However, the decoration turned out to be a bit too hyper-real for some passers-by and neighbors who thought of a real person hanging from the roof.

According to reports, firefighters arrived at the residence after someone called 911 when they saw the dummy hanging.

Peterson himself posted a video on TikTok that showed local firefighters walking past his house after possibly assuming the model was screaming for help.

It is still unclear whether firefighters have arrived in the neighborhood to take care of the dummy or respond to a real fire.

Regardless of all the confusion, one of the videos posted by Peterson has garnered over 5 million views.

One user wrote: “Ha ha! As a 911 dispatcher, I used to get calls every year about a house where a body had been hung up for Halloween, so much better.”

“I love the way someone called for help rather than going out to help, wrote another user.

Peterson explained in a video that he created the mannequin to give his Christmas decoration a realistic effect. Unfortunately for him, it was a little too “real” for his neighbors.


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