‘Christmas holiday’ inspired decoration triggers emergency call to fire department


The best part of Christmas for most people is the decorations. There are neighborhoods around the world that hold Christmas decorating contests. The bright lights shining from inside and outside the house surely give the feeling of being on vacation, but some find that to be a nuance. There’s always a Grinch around who refuses to join in the festivities. Or, there is one who chooses to participate in a prank. According to a recent report by TMZ, one person chose the latter.

Clark Griswold’s character from Chevy Chase in the Christmas movie National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation inspired some holiday shenanigans. A man has created a decorating prank based on the most popular scene from the movie that is now circulating the internet.

In a now-viral TikTok video, the decoration’s creator shows how he built the homemade decoration to resemble Clark’s character hanging from his roof as he hung Christmas lights. The prank even comes with a sound, making it sound like the man in trouble is screaming for help. All the neighbors had to do was get the police involved, thinking the hanging figure was real.

In a separate video, local firefighters rush to the scene. They try to help the fake decorator. But it’s unclear if emergency responders knew about the prank and fake help, or if they were real. If they were real, it’s unclear what happened when they found out it was fake.

The 1989 holiday classic that inspired the prank, Clark Griswold (Chase) wants to have the perfect family Christmas, so he harasses his wife, Ellen (Beverly D’Angelo), and their children, as he tries to get away from it all. make sure everything is in line, including the tree and house decorations. Things don’t go as planned and major chaos ensues throughout the film.

The film plays in heavy rotation during the holiday season. It was a major hit in its day, earning $70 million at the box office and debuting at No. 2 during the box office’s opening weekend.


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