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It’s time to decorate your Christmas tree with balls, bells, stars and lights! But how about ditching the traditional tree structure and experimenting with something fun and extremely unique?

Aquatic artist and aquascaper Mayur Dev, explains how to maintain an aquarium with a DIY decorative piece made from real moss and plants to replicate a Christmas tree, but underwater. With a simple seven-step process and some products, one can have a bright and colorful tree-like structure in time for Christmas which can also support fish.

Step 1

Place a thin layer of foam on a cylindrical sand-like product called “DOOA Terra Base”. The base can absorb water and support plant growth.

2nd step

Then place Pinnatifida UK with the White Anubias on the base of the terra. This will add a shade of red to the decor. A touch of pink can be added by attaching Hygrophila Chai. Make sure your base is moist at all times by using an atomizer. Wood and stone can be glued to the base of the terra for decoration.

Step 3

Once the soil base is ready with the plants, wash and add DOOA Tropical River Sand to the tank. The sand is washed in a jet of soft water to remove dust. It is white in color, which reflects light and gives the earthen base a shiny appearance. Once the sand has been placed, the base can be placed in the tank with a light source on top.

Step 4

Add water to the tank (Source: Mayur Dev)

Now slowly and carefully fill the water tank. It is important to level the sand with a flattener and remove any floating debris with a net.

Step 5

Fit a small filter device and a CO2 supply to the tank. Once set, a filter starter solution can be added to the water, followed by the fertilizer of your choice.

Completion of step 5 makes the tank ready.

Step 6

Would you like to try?

This step is to wait a few days. The tree should be pruned once or twice as the moss begins to grow and 50% of the water should be changed for at least a week and then supplemented with fertilizer.

Step 7

You can now add fish to the aquarium, but only after 15 days.

This beautiful process of creating your own underwater Christmas tree can be a fun way to spend some family time during the holiday season. Kids and adults of all ages can watch this little aqua-art project bloom just in time for Christmas, and the family can have a unique centerpiece to showcase while welcoming guests.

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