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Christmas tree decoration ideas 2021: One of the warmest Christmas memories one can have is waking up a few days before Christmas to find your dad struggling to untangle the Christmas lights. The whole family was involved in untangling the threads and cleaning the Christmas tree decorations, most of which were handmade with cardboard, glitter paper, sparkles and glue. Now, of course, you can easily get store-bought ornaments, though they don’t rival the fun of making your own handmade ornaments on a winter afternoon with your family.

So, to create your own memories, here are some Christmas tree ideas you could try this Christmas. Not only will this be a fun family pastime, but it will also ensure that yours will be the best decorated tree.


A fun and interesting way to spice up your traditional Christmas is to hide small wrapped candies and treats on the branches for the little ones to find. It is not only an easy solution for decorations, but also for keeping children occupied.


If you want to get away from the usual green tree that everyone chooses, you can try going all white. It’s a neutral option for any living room and you can make it even more extravagant by adding simple gold ornaments.


It is without a doubt the best idea to have a Christmas that is as sustainable as possible. Reusing your old tree really isn’t that boring if you add your own handmade ornaments. Not only does this personalize the tree, but it’s also a fun activity to do as a family.


Another twist to your Christmas tree can be to add more Indian ethnic ornaments like cute Rajasthani trinkets which could add a nice pop of color and make your tree stand out.


To add a personal touch to your tree, you can hang old family photos, baby photos, etc. Another fun tradition could be to take a picture with the tree each Christmas and add it to the tree. After all, Christmas is about creating happy memories with your loved ones.


You can never go wrong by sticking to the classics. A green tree with colorful round ornaments, lights and a shiny gold star on top is always a reliable option to fall back on.

So crack and start decorating! Christmas is almost here and there is no time to waste.

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