Creative ideas for your home: decoration, design and renovation


This year has transformed many human beings into a more negative, pessimistic and lethargic individual. You can’t blame them for being that way, because the hopes of many different aspects have been ignited. Of course, a lot of people still have everything intact, and nothing really has become much different, but these are the lucky ones. They are able to come out with complete control over their mental and physical states.

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Productivity has been reduced in many people’s work and home life, but that doesn’t mean their creativity had to take a hit as well. Creativity is something we learn over time and unlock by participating in all kinds of activities. Searching for solutions to problems and finding different ways of interpreting ideas both contribute massively to our creativity and can be applied to all kinds of areas of life.

One wonderful part of our being that needs a little attention and care is the house we live in. If we are not happy in our home, then things are not going well in almost every other aspect. Creativity can ensure that we become a little more satisfied with most things. Let us now look at some examples …

Create a blank canvas and let your mind wander: It’s obviously not something everyone has to do, but it definitely helps whenever you want to get a better idea in your head. Cleaning up what you already have will make the whole place very easy to maintain to begin with, but the blank canvas will allow you to play around and open up your creativity much more than before. There are so many different options for you and your home space, and a clearer space will open up so many possibilities.

COVID may have slowed our productivity, but our creative juices remain - our homes can still become our little palates with these ideas'

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Think about first impressions: When you walk towards a house, you immediately judge it. Even if you don’t mean to, your mind is processing all kinds of thoughts and emotions related to what you are seeing. That said, you’ll surely want to make sure you maximize the exterior and entry.

COVID may have slowed our productivity, but our creative juices remain - our homes can still become our little palates with these ideas'

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Clean up a bit and don’t let the place look like it’s been around for hundreds of years. When it comes to the front door and the foyer, plenty of space and a wonderful atmosphere will make everyone feel positive about where they enter.

Treat your garden like a Eden: Your backyard should be a place to go when you want a break. You should feel like it’s a comfortable space that complements the rest of the house. It obviously helps if that part of the house looks like the room and feels as relaxing as it looks. Do not allow there to be too much clutter and create an atmosphere of happiness and calm. Sometimes less is more when it comes to your garden.

Convert your vacant spaces to something less dark: When you live in a house that has all kinds of surplus inside, you can feel like you’re carrying a dead limb. Seventy-five percent of the house is all right, but the rest is just sort of right there. When you have a spare bedroom that houses old boxes or a basement that collects dust and creepy crawlers, it can be quite boring and exhausting. Consider converting an unnecessary room into a workspace or gym. You can literally do whatever you want; you are only bound by the creativity and design skills in your head.

COVID may have slowed our productivity, but our creative juices remain - our homes can still become our little palates with these ideas'

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Your bedroom should be as pleasant as it is beautiful: The place where you rest each night and wake up each morning should be in a positive frame of mind. With that said, you need to do everything you can to make sure you receive vibrations of happiness as well as contentment when looking at the place. You could get a brand new bedroom with custom fitted wardrobes and an en-suite bathroom if you wish. If you can’t make wholesale edits, you can follow our first point and start with a blank canvas. Think about the lighting, the ambiance, the color and the personalization. They will all contribute to the relaxation you feel inside.

Extend if you feel you need even more to work with: Sometimes you just won’t have the flexibility. In this case, you can always ask for an authorization and add some more; if you have the funds, of course. With an extension to the back or to the side of your house, you can unlock even more possibilities. We’ve covered a few in regards to a conversion, but an extension gives you even more options.


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