Decoration ideas, tips and tricks! Leave the old in the past year, step into the new year 2021 with new decor – TRY THIS


We can all agree that since the start of 2020 we have all been housebound. So why not expand your home and enter 2021 with some cool new decor? Updating your home decor and upgrading your aesthetic can seem expensive and take a lot of work, but it doesn’t always happen! There are always easy, affordable ways to boost the mood in your home and start the year with fresh energy!

Just because you might be working from home, your house doesn’t have to look like your cold office. You can spruce up your home by adding new cushions, changing the colors of your walls, adding quirky centerpieces, and moving around your furniture as well. Renovating your home by simply making changes around your home can refresh your mind and help you enter 2021 with new enthusiasm. Need help investing in a new decor? Palash Agrawal, Founder / Director of Vedas Exports, shares TOP TIPS and TRICKS that will help you in decorating your home: –

1. Mirror, mirror on the wall.

Mirrors are a reflection of your soul. So why look at boring mirrors on entering the New Year? Make your living rooms and bedrooms more aesthetic by adding mirrors of different shapes that will perfectly complement your living room and make your home unforgettable. You can also create a regal look by adding sleek mirrors with unique frames that allow bright light to bounce and add sleek style to your home. For a more modern touch, you can opt for original, asymmetrical mirrors with bold frames.

2. Add a contemporary wall shelf.

To match the modern, quirky aesthetic of your new decor, adding new shelving is exactly what will help tie the whole look together. You can opt for adding these shelves in your bathroom with your new mirrors. Don’t forget your kitchen! Add these shelves to your kitchen and spice up your snack rack. If you want, you can even search for different shapes of shelving that can help give you the modern edge you are looking for.

3. Incorporate new wall art

Still, do you feel that your walls need a little spice up? You can start by looking for trendy and handcrafted wall hangings that will match your new aesthetic. Wall art is a great option for any part of the house, for any room. It gives you a great opportunity to make any boring wall interesting and give the guests something to look at. Go for multicolored art or rustic neutral art that helps interiors come together. Opt for an art metal with a cleverly modeled floral or animal aesthetic. Wall art acts as a centerpiece for your doorway, living room, bedroom, or home office.