Decoration lighting is in place along the Jingan part of the Suzhou River


SHANGHAI, January 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The project to install decorative lights along the Jingan part of the Suzhou River is nearly completed and all the lights will be turned on, said the Jingan Bureau of Reforestation and Appearance Administration. the city of Shanghai.

The lighting plan covers the distance between Yuanjing Road and Middle Henan Road on the north bank, which is 4.7 kilometers long and the distance between Anyuan Road and North Chengdu Road on the south bank, which is 1.6 kilometers long. long. The north and south banks of the Suzhou River in Jingan are intertwined, demonstrating the region’s unique regional layout and humanistic connotation through the poetry of light carried by architectural structures.

The reconstruction in Butterfly Bay Park is the centerpiece of the project. Childlike scenes such as the magic crystal and the kaleidoscope tree bottle are created using dreamlike methods. Butterfly Bay Park is transformed into an “illusionary magic forest”, featuring fantastical projections and water screen cartoons made possible by AI control technology.

Regarding the exposure of the holistic architectural structures of the nightscape on both banks of the Suzhou River, the design of the project took into account the original style of the buildings. The design succeeded in distinguishing the main from the lesser while highlighting the key element, emphasizing the individual characteristics of the buildings of the nightscape in different areas and embodying the integrity and harmony of space.

Moreover, these decorative lights in Jingan can be turned on and dimmed remotely through a state-of-the-art control system. The lights can be adjusted to suit different decors and atmospheres, ensuring visual artistic effect while being sensitive to the environment, thus contributing to society.

SOURCE The Jingan Bureau of the Shanghai City Reforestation and Appearance Administration


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