Diwali 2021: Some quick and easy decorating ideas to prepare for your home festival


The festival of lights, Diwali, is considered the harbinger of prosperity, fortune and new beginnings.

One of the main parts of the celebration of Diwali is the decoration that follows.

With the continued turmoil and jubilation of the holiday season, preparations got off to a strong start. From sparkling lights to rows of glittering diyas, there are many ways to decorate your homes.

Here are some quick and easy ideas for decorating your home and getting it ready for the festival.

Some easy ideas to decorate your home on Diwali:

First of all, when planning your Diwali decor, choose a unique design scheme and stick to it. It will help you easily choose the suitable decoration materials and also give an elegant look.

– Use fresh flowers:

Decorate your homes with fresh flowers, if possible with marigold flowers as their scent helps to improve your mood and take stress away. The vibrant yellow and orange colors also mark new beginnings and prosperity in life.

– Use fairy lights:

For the exterior of the house, string lights that span the length of your walls are a great Diwali decoration idea for the home.

– Turn on the diyas:

Diyas are one of the most important Diwali symbols and the more diyas you light around your home, the brighter your home is bound to be. You can also buy decorative and embellished items and light up every corner with them.

– Defeat the entrance:

Decorate the door or your main entrance with pretty torans. It’s the first thing people see when they walk in and it will cheer them up for sure.

– Decorate the pooja room:

The pooja hall is basically the center of all activities during holy festivities and needs special attention at this point. You can start by using new lamps. Also, don’t forget to decorate it with fresh flowers and diyas.

– Rangoli is the main attraction:

Making rangoli on Diwali adds to the beauty of your home. While traditional patterns are a popular design for rangolis, you can also draw patterns using flowers or colors.

– Food can also be part of your Diwali decoration:

Since food tempts all the senses, it can be used as a visual treat in your Diwali decorations. When planning a festive spread, consider using classic tableware and cutlery or even traditional Indian utensils to echo the mood of the season.

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