Diwali 2022 Home Decorating Ideas: From Living Room to Small Temple, Cool DIY Ideas and Video Tutorials to Decorate Your Home


Say hello to Diwali and celebrate the Festival of Lights with great zeal and enthusiasm. The Hindu festival is observed during the Kartik month of the lunisolar calendar when people dive into the festive colors for the five-day celebration. Diwali 2022 falls on October 24, Monday, which marks the third and most important day of the festive period. People start preparations long before the auspicious day by cleaning their houses and decorating them with different ornaments. From artificial lighting to floating candles, innovative ideas are put to good use on each Deepavali to beautify the abode for the celebratory occasion. So if you’re looking for inspiration to decorate your home this Diwali, scroll down to watch cool DIY ideas and home decor videos. Get inspired by these tutorial clips for Deepavali 2022.

Lights are a must for Diwali decoration! While lighting diyas outside homes is a must, people also use decorative lighting to add much-needed sparkle to the festivities. Rangoli is drawn to add colors to Diwali celebrations. Ferry lights are hung outside houses to indicate the arrival of Goddess Lakshmi for the holy day. The flowers are also used in the form of torans for the home and office decor during Diwali festivities. With so many items used for Diwali decorations, one will surely be confused as to what to get for their home decor. But do not worry ! We have come to your rescue by listing some easy and DIY decorating ideas for Diwali 2022. Scroll down and watch the tutorial videos for Diwali 2022 home decorating ideas below. Diwali ki Safai Funny Memes, Diwali 2022 Witty Jokes, Relatable Movie Videos, GIFs, Funny Puns and Images that will lift your mood as you start cleaning up before the festival

Diwali 2022 Home Decoration Ideas

DIY Home Decor Ideas for Diwali 2022

Beautiful ideas for home temple decoration this Diwali

Living room decor for Diwali 2022

Happy Diwali! Decorate your home with unique and creative decoration ideas inspired by video tutorials. May you have a great and beautiful Diwali!

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