Diwali decorating ideas to brighten up your home


Diwali decorating ideas are a must to brighten up your home this holiday season. They are sure to boost the spirits of family and friends. Simple Diwali decorating ideas that will completely change the mood of your home to create an attractive and welcoming space, this is what we all want as soon as the holiday season arrives. The days of boring fairy lighting are over. We are now going to look for something overdone with the lights.

Here are some decorating ideas for you and the cool part is that most of the items mentioned here can be found locally or online. All you need is a little planning to create lasting memories.

Paper shade

Credit: Magicpin

Paper lampshades are a new oriental way to decorate the Diwali house. They are easy to buy and come in amazing designs and colors. In addition, the different sizes available give you the opportunity to decorate the house as you want.

Glass lanterns

Credit: Floweraura

Have you ever thrown away the glass jars thinking they are unnecessary? Well, here’s a way to give it a creative twist. You can paint them in a variety of colors and create Moroccan style lanterns for the perfect Diwali decoration.

Torans of Diwali

Credit: Pinterest

Diwali torans or wall hangings are not only decorative pieces, but also auspicious items for the season. You can use Ganesha wall hangings or make torans from recycled items and create that authentic Diwali charm.

Fairy lights

Credit: Matzon

Often the exteriors of the house are decorated with fairy lights. It’s time to tuck them in for some surprisingly creative Diwali decoration. Fairy lights are your savior and can be used in Puja rooms or in glass vases for an amazing light effect.

Fruit candles

Credit: La Favorita

It might sound unusual, but yes, an exciting idea because it does exist. Cut the fruit peels into beautiful shapes and place small scented candles inside for a perfect home decoration this Diwali.

Flowers & Candles Decor

Credit: Pinterest

Flowers are an indispensable part of Diwali decoration. This year, you can add some novelty to it with an arrangement that can be placed anywhere in the house. Create low centerpieces with brass utensils and alternately place flowers and floating candles on them for a bright and beautiful arrangement.

Wire lantern

Credit: Nari

Wire lanterns are so simple to make and incredibly beautiful when installed with lights. You will need glue, a bowl, balloons, cotton thread and water to make the lanterns. Go back to your childhood and relive the arts and crafts sessions.

Hanging Diya Paper

Credit: YouTube

Another beautiful Diwali decoration idea that you will definitely love. Cut out circular pieces of colored paper of fixed sizes and fold them twice, once along the diameter, then in half again. Now glue two of these folded papers together to make the Diya. You can also add a flame on top to finish off the lightened lamp. Glue the Diyas on a wire and they are ready to be put in place.


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