DYS Design Your Slabs: the power of decoration for unique custom spaces


Set aside for several decades for the benefit of contemporary design with a preference for minimalism, decoration is now making a comeback.
The architectural movements of the twentieth century, such as the modern and contemporary styles, rarely leave room for ornamentation: a stylistic orientation too varied to align with precise rules and standardized modules.

But any movement is the product of its time, and must be placed in the context of the historical time in which it was born and developed: today we are living in a historical period when picture prevails in our society and our daily life.

Catalyst of people’s needs and tastes, design intercepts and reinterprets this new desire to decorate contemporary spaces with images, also in response to the growing demand for customization of spaces at will.
Decoration, with its innate properties and the perceptions it conveys, easily combines the need for communicate their own distinctiveness with the desire to create spaces representing the present and our need to express ourselves in images. And that’s where surfaces can play a key role as the predominant aesthetic component of various spaces, from flooring to wall coverings, countertops and furniture.

the Iris Ceramica Group has been at the forefront of design for more than sixty years now, offering trendy proposals and new generation materials that exploit the full potential of high-tech ceramic with the DYS Design Your Slabs decoration service on demand offered by the many brands of the Group.
This innovative digital printing system offers the possibility of producing any type of image on high-tech ceramic tiles, by putting your own inspiration and creativity at the center of the design and by fully implementing the concept of customization.
DYS can be applied to all kinds of surfaces, of all sizes: “from large slabs, to obtain an eye-catching visual continuity, to smaller variants, ideal for creating beautiful aesthetic compositions”.

The gallery illustrates the many possibilities offered by this innovative system expressing the personalities and tastes of users through the choice of images.

Landscapes, flowers, plants, abstract and artistic geometric shapes can be reproduced thanks to the DYS Design Your Slabs method to bring a unique mark on homes, stores and public facilities.
Examples include shopping malls, boutiques, offices, wellness centers and gymnasiums, as well as restaurants and entertainment venues and public and community facilities, such as airports and metro or rail stations. iron, where attractive signage can be created. Potential applications of DYS also include Urban Design, to become “A new form of visual communication between homes, neighborhoods and cities”.

In addition to the innate resistance and compactness of porcelain created by Iris Ceramica Group, Design Your Slabs offers three different technical solutions. Custom graphics covering the ceramic material can be “Applied transparently to its surface, or the exclusive luxury system using metallic inks offering exceptional aesthetic performance can be used to coat tiles or as a transparent addition”. DYS therefore represents an exceptional proposition for conception in 2022, eclectic, original and tailor-made.

Marco Privato


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