Easy and DIY bedroom decorating ideas for your birthday during lockdown


There would be absolutely no one who doesn’t seem to be all excited when it comes to celebrating their birthday. Most summer babies were probably the first to celebrate birthdays during a lockdown. However, with lockdown once again becoming the new normal for the time being, it might be best if you started to find ways to make birthday celebration ideas during lockdown more creative and fun! Without meetings and without singing a happy birthday, without the clicking of glasses, without dressing and without partying, even the thought is heartbreaking. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up your celebrations altogether. The shimmering and colorful decoration you make in your room adds charm and enlivens love-filled birthday memories. Each of these birthday party bedroom decorations is a must have and fun so you better not think about skipping them.

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Must-have bedroom decorations for a lockdown birthday

1. DIY paper garland

Dress up your fireplace mantel with a colorful paper garland, it will take some time to make, but it definitely pays off. You can even make ice cream in pastel colors to go well with the summers. With party hats and pastel honeycomb decorations, you can easily put these adorable garlands together. Drape it over your dessert or ice cream station for a perfectly Instagrammable backdrop!

2. Good old balloons

Good old balloons can never be wrong. Everyone loves a beautiful balloon decoration, especially when it’s a birthday party. Get a pack or two, blow them yourself. You can either choose a bunch of vibrant shades or stick with one or two colors for a simpler look.


3. Use soft lighting

If you are going for a quiet party, go for soft lighting. Use lots of candles (of different shapes, colors and sizes) and spread them all over the place. Also, use fun lights and use them creatively so that they light up every corner of the house.

4. Awesome birthday caps

We know, it’s more what we wore when we were toddlers. But we believe everyone should always be young at heart, regardless of their age. Take out your best creative version and design some lovingly designed but awesome birthday caps. If you are too shy to wear it, use it for decorative purposes.

5. Painted centerpieces

Create centerpieces that are as simple as they are gorgeous with this DIY that turns any extra jars you have into stunning decor. Just paint the bottles with bright colors, you can also add your own creative designs to them just by adding colors.

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