EASY and QUICK DIY Last Minute Christmas Decorating Ideas


If you’re one of those people who kept putting off decorating your home for Christmas and it’s now too late to go out and buy stuff. Next, we’ve got some easy-to-make last minute Christmas decorating ideas for you to deal with the procrastinator in you!

It’s never too late to get your venue looking festival-ready. Whether it’s Christmas-themed garlands, wreaths, mistletoe or centerpieces, you can easily turn your home into a winter wonderland in a jiffy and without burning a hole in your pocket. So here are 5 quick and easy DIY last minute Christmas decorations.

Bell trees

Cut out a star from a sheet of gold paper and glue it at the top of a metallic wire. Make leaves from green kraft paper and tie them onto the threads to look like branches. Attach a bell made by painting an inverted paper cup to the end of the branches.


Take sheets of white, black, and silver paper and cut snowflakes out of them. Cut them into different sizes and hang them together with a string. You can also add glitter on it with glue to make it look more dreamy.

Candle jars

To turn boring candles into a whimsical, festive Christmas decor, take a glass jar and tie a red or green ribbon to it. Add small touches like a paper snowflake and a snowy background using a sheet of heavy white paper.


Window decor

Cut out Christmas decorations like balls, candy canes, drums, gifts, etc. in colored paper and decorate them with glitter and paint. Glue them on your window and create a border around them with fairy lights.


Take a handful of matches and paint them red and brown. Glue them together to make a reindeer and use the black part of the match to make the eyes. You can also paint matches black to make the antlers.

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