Eid decorating ideas for your home


Eid Al Fitr is a moment of reminiscence that takes you back to your cultural roots and is also a festive occasion to redecorate your home. Natuzzi Italy has you covered with some tips and trends to make your home as bright and cheerful as the spirit of Eid, allowing it to flow through the veins of your home.

Some cool decor ideas:

  1. Mirrors – Using mirrors to create an illusion of depth and space
  2. Color – Light and airy color palettes with an accent wall that adds color and provides a new visual dimension.
  3. Adorn With Accessories – Without accessories, your spaces, no matter how beautifully decorated or furnished they are, will look and feel incredibly unloved. Think of accessories as the icing on a cake. Adding interesting textured vases or vibrant artwork can work wonders in any space.
  4. Patterns – Patterns creating a theme, try Arabic / Armenian cultural patterns to evoke nostalgic and dreamlike landscapes in your home. Mix and match patterns at different scales to create the right balance.
  5. Add Bright Elements – Festive seasons are brought to life by lights in home interiors. Add interesting pendant lighting above dining tables or give your home a new look with bold floor lamps in the corners of the room. It is a very simple but effective way to welcome Eid. You can also add lighting elements for entertaining evenings. Think of lighting elements as ambiance, instead of task lighting, so you can add just the right amount to create a magical space. Classic warm white bulbs can fit into any decor style.
  6. Decorate the exterior with interior elements while entertaining you – Bright pillows and throws for the evenings are a must. If you’re creating a space that connects your interior design with the outdoors, choose accessories that fit into the color scheme you already have in your home.
  7. Perfume – Perfumes can create the summer mood in your home. The secret to getting that perfect blend of scents is to choose just a few scents for your home. Pair your candle holders and diffusers with every room for a personalized look, even with just one or two scents throughout the house.
  8. Rugs – Rugs in our homes can be in the home just as shoes are in a well-dressed outfit. When choosing a rug for the holiday season, look to other elements of your design scheme, such as color. If the rug you choose has an element of your design scheme, it will help reinforce and create a more cohesive feel and look in your room.
  9. Cushions – Cushions are the best way to add festive color to your interior. From bright colors to shiny gold, coppery colors give a glamorous makeover to your seating arrangement.


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