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ELK PARK – Work continues on a pair of water-related issues in the city, which the Elk Park Aldermen’s Council discussed at its meeting on Monday, January 3.

City water and sewer supervisor Tyler Boone updated the plans during the meeting where he reported that an actuator had been installed on the Cranberry water tank, but that the valve does not close or open fully as expected. T. Boone added that city staff continue to work on the Reservoir Hill Road water system project and that the city is awaiting a concrete arch in order to complete the installation of an isolation valve. The valve will allow workers to isolate more locally where water can be temporarily shut off to make repairs to leaks or other issues without a large-scale shutdown of city water services. Boone also reported that John Holden has been confirmed who will work with the city for the completion of the projects.

The city has agreed to purchase a total of five additional “presidential” snowflakes to display on the city’s utility poles during the holiday season. The purchase is being made with the aim of phasing out the “star” design, to allow this design to be used only for the season of July 4th to adapt to the patriotic pattern without having to change the red, white bulbs. and blue in the stars during each Christmas season, thus extending the life of the displays.

  • The city will hold a public hearing at 5 p.m. on January 24 in an effort to allow the public to see and comment on the proposed changes to the city’s ordinances.
  • The winners of the Christmas decoration competition were announced at the meeting. Melba Boone won first place in the competition, Jessica Hughes securing second place and Bill Carpenter third.
  • Council discussed the purchase of Elk Park City Limit green signs to be placed at the appropriate city limits. Alderman Mike Smith agreed to contact Surveyor Al Allbert, who had previously surveyed the city limits, to determine the exact locations where the signs should be installed.
  • A debate ensued within the council regarding the hiring of full-time or part-time police officers. The group agreed that the money is available in the city budget to hire one or more part-time agents, if not enough to pay a full-time agent for Elk Park. Aldermen Smith and Chief Mike Ellenburg have been and will continue to discuss additional work opportunities for area officers with their law enforcement colleagues. The board of directors has expressed their desire and willingness to enter into a mutual aid agreement with the sheriff’s office of Avery Co. The condition of the city’s current police vehicle has also been reviewed, as Ellenburg has reported that the current SUV used by the department faces multiple mechanical issues. Mayor Daniel Boone has agreed to research options for a potential replacement vehicle.
  • Council heard a complaint from town resident Sherry White about a disagreement with another resident involving an aggressive dog who attacked White’s dog and also bit White’s husband while trying to separate the animals. Chief Ellenburg fined Johna Cable $ 100 for running a dog and biting a resident.
  • Department heads, who were elected and discussed at the December council meeting, were reviewed as questions arose from city staff about oversight roles. After a period of discussion, Alderman Mike Smith moved that council change Supervisors of Water and Sewer / Maintenance Employees from Alderman Alice Whittington to Alderman Joel Whitley. The motion failed due to the lack of support for the motion.
  • The council announced that the nuisance ordinances committee had witnessed some non-compliance with the ordinance in the city and that the committee would lead by taking photos at residences that did not comply, directing the clerk of the city to send letters asking residents to clean up their properties.

The next regular monthly meeting of the Elk Park Alderman’s Council will be held at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, February 1 at Elk Park Town Hall on Winters Street.


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