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Embrace with an open heart and design with an open mind

By Muskaan Noronha

Posted: Thu May 6, 2021, 1:25 PM

Eid is a great occasion that gives you every reason to fill your life with a little sparkle. While the current situation has put in place its own set of restrictions, there are countless ways to transform your space for the festivities.


If you want to try something creative this Eid, here are some quick DIYs that can help. You can make lanterns, Eid cards, banners, and more, just using paper. Some string and paper can help you make star and moon shaped wall hangings. You can also recycle glass bottles to create a vase for your flowers or add fairy lights inside to brighten up your space.

• Lights

You can also add a touch of brightness to your home decor, with Eid themed candles, lanterns and string lights. It will add a decorative element to your home. You can choose from a range of different lights available in the market.

To create a more festive atmosphere in line with the holy month, a lantern is used as a decoration for traditional Ramadan tents, gatherings and city streets. These beautiful lanterns spruce up the aesthetic of your home for Eid night.

• table decoration

The dishes are extremely important. The elegantly arranged table with delicate crockery filled with delicious food not only adds to the elegance of the house, but also provides a feeling of contentment. In Islam, palm dates are considered sacred. As a result, placing dates on your tea tables and using traditional tea cups will bring a sense of ritual to your dining room. When loved ones visit your home for Eid greetings, a traditional tea table will be the perfect way to bring your guests together.

• Fabrics

Adding bling, like damask patterned curtains, can bring an amazing festive touch to your home. It creates a bold yet intricate pattern. Fabrics, on the other hand, need to coordinate with the rest of the interior. Shades of beige, brown and gold can add elegance. Replace your bland linens with shiny gold linens, in addition to upholstery.

• exterior decoration

The best way to incorporate Eid decor into your outdoor landscape is to add fairy lights and majlis seats, to give the area a festive feel. Adding fresh flowers to the garden will give it a feeling of freshness and sparkle with a touch of color. Arabic lanterns, which have become symbolic decorations for Eid and Ramadan, can also be added to the space. Since Eid is all about the stars and the moon, adding a touch of night sky lighting to the outdoor decor will complete the look.

Every festival has a role to play in your home. Arranging your space is part of the festivities. In fact, it is a key part of fervor as it brings the spirit of the festival into your home. This is why it is essential to choose the right type of decor, as it should blend in with the rest of the rooms.

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