Floridians say their favorite Christmas decoration is…


While it may not be a white Christmas for the Sunshine State, the holiday season is in full swing and Floridians are decorating their halls, including putting up Christmas trees, according to a new to study from Lombardo Homes. Does this include palm trees decorated with ornaments?

The study, which surveyed 1,000 Americans and analyzed more than 1,500 Google search terms for Christmas decorations, found that Floridians’ favorite Christmas decoration is the staple holiday tree. And, it seems to be most Americans’ favorite decor piece, according to the survey.

However, Americans are split on the type of tree they prefer, with the majority (65%) preferring artificial trees over real trees.

The study also found that the ideal height for a tree is six to seven feet, but a third of Americans like their trees small, under four feet. When it’s time to add a topper, angels outshine stars.

Florida ranked No. 15 among the states with the most Christmas decorations, with Ohio being No. 1.

Interestingly, the Grinch is a more popular decoration than Santa Claus, according to the study, being the most popular decoration in several states.

The report also looked at the time and money Americans spend preparing for vacations.

He revealed that the average person spends around three hours decorating and spends $70 a year on decorating. People also like to get in the holiday spirit while decorating, with 43% saying they enjoy having a drink while they work.

Americans are evenly split between where they decorate, with 47% venturing into interior and exterior furnishings, and 51% sticking to indoor decorations. uniquely.

As for the end of the holidays, 22% of Americans take down the decorations the week after Christmas, while all the others wait until New Year’s Day or after.

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