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Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated with great fanfare across the country, although this year the celebrations can be a bit low-key. The first day of Ganesh Pooja is marked by devotees who bring home the idol of Ganesh for worship as well as for celebration. It is believed that after Ganpati Sthapana, Ganesha should not be left at home alone or unattended. There should be at least one member with the religious deity. If you can’t wait to celebrate this festival with an idol of Lord Ganesha, there are several figures available online that you can purchase for your home, office, car dashboard, and more. Ganesh Idol is considered extremely auspicious and is also given as a gift for special occasions. Check out our recommendations for Ganesha idols that you can easily order online:

Lord Ganesha is a symbol of wisdom and is considered an auspicious deity that should be kept in the home. This ganesha idol has been intricately carved to give an exquisite feel that showcases the craftsmanship of traditional Indian art as well as artisans. This siety can be used for decoration as well as for worship in Puja rooms at home.

Due to their shiny and matte golden appearance, brass figurines are widely used for decoration.


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This idol of Ganesha is 4.5 inches in height, 4 inches in length and 850 g in weight. The idol is designed with the trunk of Ganesha on the left side with a modak, which is considered auspicious. The seated idol of Ganesha is considered the best for the house because it represents calm but determined demeanor, which is a great energy for a home environment.

Crafted from quality brass metal, this decorative piece will accentuate and enhance the decorative value of your home and office.

This Ganesha is locally handcrafted using clay / terracotta from river beds without the use of harmful toxins. As this idol of Ganesha is made entirely from clay, it will completely dissolve in water within a few hours. This Ganesha Idol kit includes vermicompost and tulsi seeds, which can be used later to plant Tulsi at home after Visarjan.

This idol of Ganesha is perfect for home visarjan.

This idol of Lord Ganesh is an ideal centerpiece for home and office decoration. Ganesh is one of the best known and revered deities and symbolizes prosperity and luck. This figurine can be placed in the mandir of the house, on your desk or on the dashboard of the car. The Ganpati Idol is made of quality materials that can be easily wiped off with a soft, dry cloth.

This idol can be used for home decor, Ganesh Puja, gifts and more.

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