Halloween snag in Canada sparks online decorating debate


Editor’s Note: The following article contains images that some readers may find offensive

A Halloween decoration in Montreal has sparked an online debate over the differences between scary and offensive displays.

A frighteningly real photo of a model hanging from a tree in the Ahuntsic district of Montreal has been shared in the Facebook group “Montreal from yesterday to today”. The screen features a human-sized mannequin hanging by the neck from a tree with a bloodstained pillowcase on her head.

There’s also duct tape wrapped around the model’s ankles and torso, interwoven with string lights.

Shared later on Twitter, people online say the hanging display is too graphic for passers-by, especially children.

People in the comments section of the Facebook post say the posting is “in bad taste” and is “not in the spirit of Halloween”.

One user says the person who made the post could “use Halloween as a cover for their own psychopathy, definitely someone to keep tabs on.”

Others think the display is creative.

Daily Hive has contacted the Montreal City Police Department, which admits to receiving calls about the posting. City police attended the scene and asked the owners of the stall to put up a sign reading “fake” under the tree.

Here’s how some people on Twitter reacted to the posting on Wednesday. What do you think — has this Halloween decoration gone too far?


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