Holi Decoration Ideas for the Home in 2022


Tomorrow is holi and are you still thinking about how to decorate your home. Then leave everything behind and start reading our article for unique and beautiful Holi decoration ideas.

Holi Decoration Ideas for the Home in 2022

funky gulal holders


How exciting does that sound? Use some old wooden baskets that are in your house and decorate them with garlands of flowers. Place a polyethylene film inside so that gulal won’t overturn. Add all the dry colors in different baskets and place them on stands, which you can make from scratch, as shown in the picture.

Colorful wall hangings

You can find a variety of these colorful lanterns in the market. They will add a festive touch to your wall and are absolutely appropriate decor for Holi. Hang some on the balcony, the living room and even near the food counter.

Colorful craft flowers


What could be nicer than a flower at this festival? You can simply collect craft papers of different colors and make artificial flowers out of them. You can then tie these flowers in a long thread and arrange them on doors, balconies or windows.

Convert empty space to home bar


Holi without drinks is not possible. So, if you are having a party at your house, you can choose a small kitchen bar. The silverware bar will look great with beautiful sets of glasses. A small bar will cover the empty space and also serve as a centerpiece in your home.

Beautiful balloons for the entrance


Another popular way to introduce more colors is to use balloons. Choose balloons of your favorite colors of choice. Stick them in small high places like window panes.

Make a tree or a stack of a few smaller ones and place them in common areas like a hall or a balcony. Arrange them in the right size and shape so they can wrap around the main entrance to the house.


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