Home decorating ideas using tapestries


tapestries are a fantastic and authentic way to decorate your home. Whether it’s your living room or bedroom, a beautiful tapestry can never go wrong gracefully filling empty walls. This wall art can never grow old. In this blog, you will know the home decoration ideas using tapestries.

They bring an innovative touch to interiors, and different colors and textures in hangings can beautifully blend and enhance the decor of your space. When buying a tapestry, be sure to consider aspects such as maintenance, style, condition of the walls, etc. For example, polyester tapestries are easier to maintain than handmade ones.

You can use tapestries to fill blank walls without going overboard in terms of decoration. But to do this, you will need to have a good understanding of tapestry. You can only get creative with this great form of wall art when you have original thoughts.

Why tapestries for decoration?

There is no denying the aesthetics that a tapestry brings to your interiors. You can hang the fabric on the wall or even fix it. You can also frame the tapestry to give a soft, warm and unique touch to your interior.

The tapestries are made of a single theme, which includes a mixture of colors and patterns. It breaks the monotonous aspect of the room and makes it very lively. They are dynamic and attention-grabbing works of art.

Ideas for decorating with tapestries

Polyester tapestries

Polyester is a fabric that has an aesthetic appeal. And the polyester tapestries are high quality and soft, and therefore, they look rich as wall art. Even though polyester tapestries contain detailed handmade designs, in reality they are usually made using machines; not made by artisans.

  • You can hang these tapestries on the surface of your wall, which will allow you to easily remove them if necessary. One of the best things about these tapestries is that they are made of non-allergic fabrics and are easy to wash and scrub.
  • These tapestries are machine made and therefore tend to have bright colors. This means that you can place them in a bright environment without any worries.
  • They can usually cover massive blank walls, but you can also opt for smaller sizes. You can also find polyester tapestries that go from your ceiling to the floor.
  • These tapestries have specific themes, like nature, patterns, symbols, mandalas, etc. You can choose one of them depending on the interiors and, of course, your preferences.
  • Tapestries can also be used as cushion covers, sofa covers, etc. They are much more than a simple element of wall decoration.

Wall tapestries

You can attach a beautiful tapestry to the wall of your favorite room, to create a unique and attractive style. Instead of suspending the wall art, you can tie it up to create a more flat and blended appearance. It would give the room a dynamic and different perspective.

  • You can use it attached to the walls, on all the empty space of the wall. This would create an interesting color contrast with the rest of the walls in the room. These are very lively and can take your home decor to the next level.
  • Before attaching the tapestry, make sure your wall is clean and smooth. Uneven surfaces on the wall, air bubbles and creases will not create that perfect look for this type of tapestry.
  • These also come in various attractive colors and patterns. You can even choose neutrals and plains or those with geometric shapes.

Handmade tapestries

Nothing can beat a handmade piece of art, and that’s why this is our favorite. These are made in a loom and are designed with the use of delicate materials embroidery. They are usually quite large and have ruffles or other decorations that make them more beautiful. You can attach these tapestries to the wall using a horizontal rod.

  • They have a unique look because they are made by hand. They are indeed fine and elegant workmanship.
  • You can get these tapestries in attractive colors and neutral tones. Either way, their main appeal is that they are handmade.
  • You can give your interiors a bohemian vibe or any other mood with the help of these tapestries. They are unusual, original and innovative decorative objects.
  • They have strings on the bottom part of the tapestry which adds to its appeal. Looking at them, you will have a feeling of suspension, as if they were falling.
  • These handmade tapestries also add warmth and softness to your interiors.

Depending on your preference, you can choose to go with any of the upholstery options listed here. They all look great and can completely transform the look of interiors like magic. In fact, tapestries can easily be used for classic and trendy wall decoration.


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