Independence Day 2022 Office Bay Decoration Ideas: Tricolor Balloons in Tiranga Rangoli Design, 5 Ideas for Best Office Decorations


Office bay decoration ideas for Independence Day 2022: India’s Independence Day is observed on August 15 every year. This year we will celebrate 76 years of independence. Now that people have started returning to their offices after a long hiatus from working from home, it’s time to celebrate these festivals like we always did. Independence Day brings with it great excitement and all we see are orange, white and green colors all around us. As you celebrate Independence Day 2022, we at LastLY, have curated beautiful ideas that will help you decorate your office bay in the most beautiful and unique way. From tricolor rangoli to paper crafts, 5 ways to decorate your workplace on August 15

Tricolor balloons

Although balloon decorations are very common and are done almost in every office, their charm still remains the same. Using the tricolor balloons around your office bay doors will give a very pleasant and cheerful look to your workspace.

Tricolor ribbons

In addition to balloons, you can also use orange, white, and green ribbons to decorate your workstation. It won’t take up much space, making your workstation close and clean while still being ready for the occasion.

Tricolor paper decorations

Paper decorations can be used to decorate your office bay in a very unique way. You can probably display the flower-shaped tricolor paper on the computer system or probably on the bulletin boards in your office.

Three-color LED lights

Tricolor LED lights are very readily available in the market and can be used to illuminate workstations in the office bay. It will give a very subtle yet lively look to your Bay Area.

tricolor rangoli

You can make a beautiful tricolor rangoli at the entrance to your office bay to give a chic look to the entrance itself. This would be the start of all the beautiful decorations you would have made for Independence Day celebrations.

Finally, after two years, it’s time for people to start coming back to offices. Almost every company tries to make the most of every festival, and employees love coming to the office during parties. Try these unique and beautiful ideas to beautify your bay this Independence Day.

I wish everyone a Happy Independence Day 2022!

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