janmashtami matki decoration ideas: tips to decorate lord krishna makhan matki with these beautiful and easy ideas in hindi


Janmashtami Matki Decoration Ideas: Today, Janmashtami is celebrated with great pomp in all corners of the country. Janmashtami day is even more special for those who keep Laddu Gopal at home, they make special preparations for this day. On this day, Lord Krishna is specially decorated and many dishes are also prepared for Bhog Prasad. Not only that, on this special day Lord Shri Krishna’s favorite makhan (butter) or matki is also decorated in a very beautiful manner. If you are also looking for tips to decorate Kanha ki matki then this news can help you.

Decorate the matki with ribbon and gota patti-
To decorate the matka, first stick a colorful ribbon or a beautiful gota-patti on the outside of the matka. After that, paint the matki corresponding to the gota-patti color to enhance the beauty of the matki.

Decorate the matki with colorful colors-
You can use solid paint or watercolor to decorate the matki. Using colors, create any pattern you like like a peacock or honey on the jar and let it dry. To give the matki the final touch, glue beads into the matki after stroking.

Decorate the matki with kundan and beads-
Kundan beads can be used to decorate matki. Glue the kundan and the beads directly into the container and let them dry for some time so that they settle well. After gluing the beads into the jar, hang beads or pendants or peacock feathers on its surface.


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