Law roundup: Halloween decoration or human?


Someone At First Thought A Limping Woman Was A Halloween Decoration, But After Realizing She Was Human, They Asked Flathead County Sheriff’s Office to check on her well-being because no one wanted to interact with her due to her strange behavior.

An Essex resident reportedly hunted a small black bear tagged three times for being a nuisance on his property.

A Kalispell man reportedly cleaned his firearm when it exploded, hitting the ground. No one was hurt.

A child reportedly hit a fence with a hammer while other children were playing in a park in Kalispell.

Someone complained that five young people threw rocks and ran around a post office in Kalispell for about an hour, using it as if it were their personal clubhouse.

A man was allegedly assaulted by his accountant’s ex-husband.

A Columbia Falls woman reportedly broke up with her ex and he moved out, however, she found him pulling wires from the electrical box.

Meanwhile, in Kalispell, a woman called officers claiming her boyfriend ripped a door off his house and refused to leave.

A man reportedly saw a fresh but dry trail of blood beyond a bridge near a fishing access point and thought he saw a bear paw print.

A man complained that people kept yelling at him to slow down when he was only going 5 to 10 miles per hour over the speed limit due to his inattention. When he stopped at a gas station in Lakeside, a man threatened to shoot him because he was speeding.

A man on a tractor allegedly loaded lumber onto a truck on Forest Service land and told someone not to “(log) with him” when they asked what he was doing.

A man reportedly tried to chase geese that were stalking a child in a park. When that wasn’t effective, he got into a tan SUV to finish the job. Someone called to report he was driving erratically as he tried to hit the geese. The Kalispell Police Department advised the man.

A woman was reportedly upset by the presence of law enforcement around her home. She allegedly told officers that “cops are not allowed to just walk up to someone and ask questions.” She also believed it was illegal for officers to tell her to move away from an area where an investigation was underway. It was explained to her that it was all a legal activity, but the woman disagreed.

Dispatch responded to a call where a man with a baseball bat allegedly punched someone in the face. During the call, someone was heard saying, “Get out of my house.

Someone has asked officers to follow a man who was allegedly wrapped in a Buzz Lightyear blanket found sleeping with a black Labrador puppy on the side of a building.

A small black bear was running through trees in an area park and heading west toward homes.

Someone’s grandson raised suspicion when a passerby saw him wearing a red costume, which turned out to be a Halloween costume, walking towards a door with a gun in his hand. He was stopped by a man and returned to a car where he sat in the passenger seat.

A man with a yellow blanket was seen urinating in a pond in Woodland Park. He reportedly went ballistic when a Parks and Recreation employee told him to pull over.

A vehicle with the New York “Handsome” license plate parked in a handicapped area. “Handsome” received a citation and officers reportedly noted that according to the vehicle identification number, the car was registered in a different state and the information returned on the license plate was for a different vehicle.


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