Let’s never forget our veterans: first Decoration Day since 2019 scheduled for Sunday

Members of Prince Albert’s three cadet corps place Canadian flags in front of the graves of deceased city veterans during Decorating Day at South Hill Cemetery. –Jason Kerr/Daily Herald

Legion member Marie Mathers said Prince Albert veterans should never be forgotten, and that is a key reason for the return of the official Decoration Day ceremony.

The Prince Albert Legion will hold Decorating Day on Sunday at South Hill Cemetery for the first time since before the pandemic. Mathers, the Decorating Day coordinator, said it was important to continue to recognize all those who served.

“We must never forget our veterans,” Mathers said. “It’s so sad that we only do something special for them two or three times a year. They should be recognized every day, but this is one of only two big days of celebration.

Traditionally, local Legions have held Decoration Day events, but Prince Albert’s ANAVETS held the latest in 2019.

After two straight years without an official ceremony, Mathers said it was time to return. She would like to see the residents come back and lend their support.

“I would like to see more people recognize the sacrifice that was made,” she explained.

The afternoon will begin with the parade and march of colors. This will be followed by an address by Legion President Rick Hodgson, the singing of O Canada and a reading from the scriptures.

“The Legion will lay a wreath and the ANAVETS will lay a wreath, and then we’ll have the Last Post and the Act of Remembrance,” Mathers said.

This will be followed by a prayer and then the Lord’s Prayer each in two languages. After reading God Save the Queen, the colors will be removed.

Mathers explained that if the weather does not cooperate, it will be held at the Legion Auditorium.

“There are no chairs,” she explained. “Servings can be too short for people to want to sit down and relax.”

The service will begin at 1 p.m. at South Hill Cemetery.


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