Minecraft needs a home decorating update with furniture


The vast majority of Minecraft the updates focus on bringing vast and sweeping changes to the game. That’s no surprise; the more Mojang manages to put content in a Minecraft updated, the more exciting it is. Past updates like the Total Village Overhaul and Nether Overhaul have been instrumental in generating new waves of Minecraft hype, helping the game thrive. However, some Minecraft the updates succeed by focusing on the little things, like the introduction of bees. From time to time, the game needs small updates that focus on new details, in order to provide a moment of relief for Mojang and Minecraft fans between major updates.


Minecraft haven’t had one of these minor updates in a while, but after the Wild update it might be appropriate. If Mojang is considering another small update, it should create an update around new furniture for players to use in their homes. For many years, concerned about decoration Minecraft fans have found ways to mimic tables, chairs, and other furniture, but none of these substitutes are as useful or immersive as expected Minecraft the furniture would be. Rather than fans continuing to get furniture from Minecraft mods, Mojang should provide official furniture for all houses in the game.

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Potential furniture in Minecraft

At present, Minecraft furniture is mostly limited to handy blocks like crafting tables, oven variants, and chests. These blocks all serve their purpose, but for fans wanting to immerse themselves in the game and just relax in their Minecraft at home they are not enough. Chairs and tables would therefore be a big feature in Minecraft. Proper basic furniture like this would go a long way towards creating both player-made homes and Minecraft villages look more realistic. Mojang might also give them a special use. Tables could hold items placed in special ways, while placing chairs together could give players a couch to sleep on.

There are plenty of storage units that would be invaluable in Minecraft too. For example, empty shelves could allow players to organize books and maps more conveniently than chests alone, while cabinets could serve as larger storage solutions than chests. In addition to adding new blocks to Minecraft, a furniture update might update some pre-existing blocks. For example, it would be nice if players could place certain objects on rugs, and adding patterns to beds and rugs with a loom would open up all sorts of new decorating opportunities.

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The value of Minecraft furniture

Past Minecraft updates have proven that large-scale mechanical changes aren’t the only thing that makes the game more interesting. For instance, MinecraftDifferent types of gates and fences made from different types of wood and stone do not have significant mechanical advantages over each other, but they do Minecraft much more interesting to watch. A Minecraft an update with furniture would certainly make the game more visually interesting, even if the update only comes with minor new mechanics. After all, survival isn’t all that matters Minecraft. The creative side of Minecraft is important too, and he would benefit immensely from proper furniture.

Although there is a lot of value in adding new furniture to Minecraft, it remains to be seen if such an update is on Mojang’s radar. The Wild update is still in development and Mojang has other features such as archeology and biome updates to consider after the Wild update is released. Hopefully Mojang takes the time to develop a smaller update focused on something like improving furniture in the near future. Minecraft has changed dramatically in recent years, and as big as those dramatic changes are, Mojang can’t forget to appreciate the little things. Sometimes a feature as simple as a chair can make all the difference.

Minecraft is available now for PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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