National Day Home Decor Contest Winners Light Up Dhahran Region


RIYAD: The Riyadh Toy Festival, the world’s largest toy festival, is currently underway as part of Riyadh’s 2021 season.

Under the slogan “Explore, Play and Shop,” the festival showcases some of the world’s biggest toy companies including Disney, Mattel Games, Hasbro, Toy Bro, Moonbug and MGA Games.

The festival, which kicked off on November 12, will run through November 21, during which individual visitors and families will have the opportunity to explore the 19 international brands that have launched more than 500 new games for the first time. .

Sarah Asad, organizer at HayatiGirl, a famous local girls’ toy brand, told Arab News about the company’s offerings at the festival.

“The concept of the (first) corner is to make girls live as if they were princesses, she said. “We have almost seven corners in total: four DIY corners, a living room where girls can color their nails and wear crowns like princesses, and a fancy dress corner where girls can wear skirts like princesses and take pictures. Pictures. We also teach them how to make teddy bear shapes and create cards to give to loved ones.

According to Asad, while free, VIP ticket holders can get quick passes to access the corners. She also mentions that there is a time limit for each corner, either 10 or 15 minutes, depending on the activity.

The festival offers visitors a variety of safe recreational options designed by the most prominent international brands. Each corner features famous cartoon characters and the kids show off characters like Cocomelon, Sonic, Peppa Pig and characters from the Disney movie “Frozen”.

The festival also features live and exclusive performances presented by international celebrities, influencers and YouTube content creators, such as Blippi, the Moshaya family and the Anasala family.

Rasha Rizk, singer from Syria, hosts a concert at the festival – an opportunity to experience unforgettable moments for young people and families, to relive memories through the songs of the famous cartoon channel Spacetoon.

Miriam Shawbah, a Lebanese teacher, told Arab News how delighted her four-year-old, Christopher, was to see Blippi. “I want to thank everyone for this great and beautiful event, filled with many games for the kids and everyone… We appreciate our time here,” she said.

“Things in Riyadh have changed a lot since we (last) came here 16 years ago; it has turned into something so beautiful, and I consider Riyadh as my home away from home, ”she added.

Visitors can shop and take advantage of great deals and discounts on children’s toys from top local and international brands.

The Riyadh Toy Festival is located in Riyadh Front, one of Riyadh’s 14 season zones. People can purchase their entrance ticket through the Riyadh Season app or website.


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