New exhibition explores decorative arts in the digital age next month


An exhibition titled Doppelgänger and Zombies will feature new works created from 3D scans of masterpieces from David Roche’s collection of 18th and 19th century decorative arts. The exhibition will be held from 1 to 23 July 2022 at the David Roche Foundation, 241 Melbourne Street North Adelaide. Free entry.

The works of Doppelgänger and Zombies are based on processes that critically and artistically explore and test the promises and potentials as well as the limits and handicaps of digital technologies. Exquisite physical and digital artifacts are developed and manufactured, using 3D scanning and printing, CNC milling, 360-degree photography, photogrammetry, digital modeling, image rendering and manipulation software, algorithms as well as augmented and virtual reality. As auctions have played an important role in assembling David Roche’s collection, a selection of digitally produced artworks will be offered at a live auction in the gallery.

Arts, crafts, design and manufacturing have changed dramatically in the digital age. From new materials, avatars, cryptocurrencies, GANs, metaverse and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), to Lidar scanning, virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR) and additive manufacturing – all are expressions of the potential of 21st century digital technologies and platforms. These technologies enable the creation of bespoke artifacts and explicit archetypes, parallel and alternate realities, imagining and organizing alternate versions and interpretations of our world, arousing awe and wonder.

The research and development behind Doppelgänger and Zombies is led by Dr Rochus Hinkel, Associate Professor at the Melbourne School of Design and Co-Director of the Advanced Digital Design and Fabrication (ADD+F) Research Group at the University of Melbourne.

The work presents new ways to interact with original artifacts from the David Roche collection. The artworks include an augmented reality Doppelgänger, which visitors can take home and view on their handheld devices in their private interior – an offering that makes treasured artwork accessible to everyone. Other pieces are based on digital craftsmanship and the making of physical pieces that are manipulated to play with the viewer’s perception and unveil new identities. The resuscitation of historical artefacts refers to the idea of ​​the zombie, understood as a fictional half-dead half-living character. Algorithms respond to sound compositions and animated spheres of point clouds that unfold in time, allowing new perspectives and stories related to the masterpieces of the David Roche collection. Limited editions are created in 1:12 copies. This is the scale of 18e at 19e Dollhouse of the Century, which shares the same historical period as many objects in the collection.

Doppelgänger and Zombies presents a collection of surprisingly playful physical and digital artworks that are highly crafted and based on the application of advanced digital technologies for their making and creation. Concepts and meanings are developed through an inquiry and association approach, using storytelling and a layering of ideas to enrich the works and help develop their meanings. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) place works in the emerging world of blockchain-secured digital originals.

As auctions have played an important role in assembling David Roche’s collection, a selection of digitally produced artworks will be offered at a live auction in the gallery. Collection modes and auction terms have changed in the Metaverse, physical collectibles will be available in the gallery while digital works will be available as NFTs on the world’s first and largest NFT marketplace: A limited edition of physical and digital collectibles, including NFTs, which will be auctioned on-site and online.

The David Roche Foundation was established in 1999 by the late Mr. David J Roche AM (1930-2013) to be the recipient and custodian of the exceptional collection of antiquities, paintings and works of art accumulated by him during its life and to keep. for future generations.

A devoted collector of antiques and works of art, David was recognized in Australia and abroad as a renowned collector. His whole life was devoted to acquiring mainly what he considered essential and all items were acquired with a place in mind. From toys, piggy banks and naive objects to the finest china, paintings and home furnishings – he loved them all. It was his dearest wish to donate his collection to the Australian people in the hope that visitors would walk away having found a favorite piece they would remember. The collection that David Roche has amassed is one of the finest of its kind, certainly in Australia, if not the world.

Associate Professor Rochus Urban Hinkel’s research explores innovative artistic expressions for design practice and heritage, storytelling, and modes of collaboration. His creative work has recently been exhibited at Ars Electronica, The Grainger Museum, and now at The David Roche Foundation. He is the recipient of the inaugural The UniSA, SIDA and David Roche Foundation Curatorial Research Fellowship and co-director of the Advanced Digital Design + Fabrication research cluster. With Dr. Peter Raisbeck, he co-curates the conversation series Politics and Utopia in Architecture, presented at the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne Design Week and Aalto University in Helsinki. Rochus holds a PhD from Creative Works and has taught architecture, interior design, furniture design, and industrial design in various positions, including as a professor of artistic design at OTH Regensburg, Germany, and as a professor of interior architecture and furniture design at Konstfack University of the Arts. , Crafts and Design, Stockholm.

Doppelgänger and Zombies is funded by Fondation SIDA, UniSA and the David Roche Foundation Research Fellowship in Interior Design and Decoration and the second exhibition of the two-year fellowship (2020-2022). The exhibition is accompanied by artist tours and artist talks, including presentations on the development, processes and making of the artworks.

A limited edition of physical and digital collectibles, including NFTs, will be auctioned on-site and online.

Open Tuesday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Free entry.


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