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Office furniture and office decoration – Masko Furniture City

Masko City Furniture, one of the most important sites in our country. This area, where people can find all their wishes and needs together and at the same time provides employment for many people, has managed to become the largest furniture city in the world with good and successful management. Chairman of the Board of Directors Mehmet happyMasko, produced by , has always been able to improve by going a little further and successfully meeting the needs of its businesses.

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In order to solve all problems in the furniture industry, he takes bigger steps every day and tries to make Masko a bigger and more developed place. Mehmet happy and his team, ITO Elections with Masko and its developments in the field of furniture. Istanbul Chamber of Commerce aims to cooperate with

Elections for the members of the 71st ITO commission will take place on 9 November.

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Although we always focus on decorating the home, we actually spend a lot more time than our homes in other areas, especially our workplaces. This should ensure that the place we need to pay attention to is home decoration as well as office decoration.

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For this your quest and your desire, Masko Furniture City office furniture It serves you with its sales companies. You can find the most suitable office furniture dealer and manufacturer among hundreds of companies; You can get detailed information by visiting the furniture store which manufactures office decorations and offers interior design services for offices.

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office chairs, meeting tablesWhen you say offices, companies selling many different furniture models are waiting for you at Masko.

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Special Production Office Furniture Models

Among Masko office companies, you can not only choose standard furniture models, but also create office furniture production by creating decoration projects yourself.


You can come to Masko and talk to the stores about the interior design you are looking for for elegant, corporate and useful work and meeting spaces.


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