Paso School Board Rejects Graduate Decoration Proposal | News | San Luis Obispo


The Paso Robles School Board rejected a student petition asking that Bearcat graduates be allowed to decorate their caps, despite a board member’s offer to give the idea a year-long trial.

Zelbert Armer, a Paso Robles High School (PRHS) student, first presented his “Caps 4 Cats proposal” to the board earlier this month. PRHS Principal Anthony Overton had previously said no to Armer’s idea, and Superintendent Curt Dubost voiced support for Overton’s decision, but the board decided to discuss the matter further at its May 10 meeting.

Armer, who garnered 700 signatures in support of his idea, said reasons for decorating his cap include celebrating the college you’re heading to or other post-high school projects, gratitude for the support of your family, the honor of a deceased loved one, the expression of personal beliefs or to propose an appropriate citation for the occasion.

“The caps and the whole graduation ceremony are for… our families to respect and love and cherish, and I feel like it’s a very memorable thing for us to watch as we go along” , Armer said at the May 10 meeting. “I feel like you should also be able to represent your university or college that you go to, and you can also represent Paso Robles High School, the place where you grew up.”

But both Overton and Dubost felt the grad cap decorations would take away from the formality and tradition of the event.

“I believe that membership in the Bearcat community, which is so important to our town, warrants recognition of an unchanged cap and robe as a symbolic representation during the ceremony,” Overton told the board. administration.


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