Pochet relies on digital and decoration for ultra-creative packaging


In partnership with companies specializing in digital solutions, the French manufacturer of luxury packaging solutions has developed new decoration and personalization techniques combining creativity and agility.

Embossed decorations

Relief is a realistic finish achieved through digital printing that gives the illusion and feel of a transparent or colored etching in the glass. This innovation allows the decoration of a bottle in phase with the current requirements of speed, agility and reduced development times.

The relief decoration is the result of a partnership with Carbon Decor, a French company specializing in the finishing – including digital printing – of perfume bottles and glass jars for cosmetics, wines and spirits. The relief offers an accentuated volume of the decoration while guaranteeing its precision. It can be applied partially or 360° over the entire bottle.

3D printed caps and balaclavas

With the Unlimited technology, Pochet offers a collection of caps, caps and accessories for cosmetics and perfumery using additive manufacturing.

The main advantage of technology is that all forms are possible, with no limit to creativity. It allows designs to be created that traditionally cannot be made using conventional injection molding. But technology also allows for simplified, agile and rapid developments.

A wide range of finishes (satin, matt or colored) is also possible.

This technique is the result of a partnership with Polyrepro, a French company specializing in 3D printing.

Simplified accessorization

Thanks to a wide choice of accessories, the imagine it makes it easy to accessorize perfume caps. The patented concept makes it very easy to assemble and disassemble all the components, thanks to a tool developed and designed by the Groupe Pochet teams. Ideal for accessorizing at the point of sale, the concept also facilitates the separation of the various components which can thus place the appropriate recycling channels.

Different types of materials can be used: additive manufacturing (3D printing), aluminum, r-PET, etc.

Holographic decorations

To finish, Light shade is a technology for decorating glass bottles and jars based on hot polishing. It allows to create iridescent, holographic and shimmering light effects, with nuanced and changing colors of variable intensity.

The technique, well mastered by Pochet du Courval, is applied in the continuity of the bottle manufacturing process before any decoration. Light Nuance offers environmental benefits including the absence of CMR (Carcinogenic, Mutagenic and Reprotoxic) and nanoparticles. The technology makes it possible to create a resistant and durable decor, suitable for rechargeable products. The final bottle remains recyclable in glass sorting channels.


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