Preparations underway in the city of Anjad, Mata will be worshiped for 9 days


Preparations continue in the final phase at the temples of Mata for Navratri, the great festival of power, devotion and faith, starting Monday, September 26. From the beginning of Navratri, many religious rituals will be performed in all temples of Mata for 9 days.

A symbol of faith in Anjad area of ​​Barwani district and the city’s very old Mata temple located on Satpura hill in the middle of the city, many events will be held in Navratri. The Nagri Mata Mandir Committee said that the establishment will be done at an auspicious time on Monday and every day from 4 to 6 a.m., invoking different mothers of each day, the young Ngu Mata and the elder Inju Mata are worshiped by the experts with Vedic chants, after Abhishek, attractive makeup will be done and after reciting Navchandi, aarti will be done in the morning at 6:30 am.

On the same evening, from 6:30 p.m., in the presence of hundreds of devotees, prasad de sago khichdi will be distributed after performing Maha Aarti. After that, from 8 o’clock in the evening, the mother will be worshiped by performing Garba in the courtyard of the city Mata Mandir. Committee members said that hundreds of members would offer their services to make the event a success, in which traffic arrangements on the hilly road, parking of vehicles, organized darshan of Mataji to devotees, distribution of prasad, drinking water, etc. would be manipulated. All the temples on the hill have been decorated with saffron flags with pretty electric decorations. At the same time, adequate lighting arrangements have been made on the way up the hill so that devotees do not face any inconvenience.

Similarly, in the Ambika temple located in Ambika street of the Patidar society and the Jagdamba temple located in the Sirvi Mohalla society of the Sirvi society, the Pandits will recite Vedic chants and worship the Mother every day from morning till morning. Garba Raas will be organized after the distribution of Prasadi performing Maha Aarti of Mataji collectively. Apart from this, Navchandi Yagya will be performed on Navami day by establishing Ghat by Public Durga Utsav Committee at Jatashankari Chowk. Garba Raas will be organized by installing Mataji by decorating pandals all over the city.


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