Raised shape and liquor bottle decoration works on existing equipment


Its new line of Estate Series spirits is made from grains grown on the property, and its bottle decoration pays homage to the nearby Bestie River and its inhabitants: the eponymous rainbow trout.

When the company’s management was looking for a unique packaging for this special series, they teamed up with Berlin packagingthe designers of Studio One Eleven. To maintain brand continuity, the design team took advantage of the stock bottle shape used for Iron Fish’s other products, but made it taller and thinner for a sleeker aesthetic and higher. The company’s distinctive fish logo is carved into the bottle, as are the debossed fish scales, as premium structural details adding dimension and enhancing brand value.

“We wanted our iconic fish brand etched into glass to replicate the die-cut fish brand we have with our other packaging systems,” says Jesse Den Herder, Iron Fish’s marketing manager. . “It would give the series an elevated feel while being consistent with our brand standards.”

“Drawing inspiration from the core range and the scales of the label, we transposed the scales of the label into the bottle. The scales have been designed and sculpted to meet molding requirements. In addition to the scales, Iron Fish Distillery has an illustrative logo that has been modified in three dimensions, and it has also been carved into the glass, adds Bradley Wong, Head of Industrial Design, Studio One Eleven. “The bottle required a few sampling cycles and mold modifications so that we could ensure that the definition of the fish would be correctly represented in the glass. The goal was that the fish [appear to] swim in the bottle.

The label is a standard self-adhesive label. The company wanted various elements of the label to have more prominence, so some matte embellishments were used. Navy Strength Rum, Two Peninsulas Whiskey and Mad Angler varieties use a silver BOPP label with a matte lamination, while Slightly Lost Barrell Rested Gin uses a classic 60# gloss white linen label. These are digitally printed on Artex labelis the most recent movement digital inkjet press. This new press features an expanded color gamut using a six color process and white.

For a closure, the bottles use a silver synthetic T-stopper in the hollow of Mat.

“Our closure was a matte black bottle cap that covered the top of the bottle with two logos on each side. We wanted our logo to be prominently visible on the T-cork whenever customers reopened the spirit,” says Den Herder. .

While specialty bottles deviate from the norm, some continuity was still needed. Iron Fish still wanted to incorporate current branding standards as much as possible using existing primary and secondary fonts.

“The challenge was the amount of real estate we had to work with for the label, so we went with a single wraparound label and maximized every square inch,” says Den Herder. “The second challenge was our new use of fancy names for the spirits, so that changed the personality. For example, Mad Angler or Slightly Lost. We wanted three inches of space facing the shelf on the label to be consistent with all four spirits.Mad Angler is the only version that stands out from the rest because the type[face] its layout is inspired by fishing permits from the 1940s.”

Despite the changes in shape and structure of the bottle, it can be filled and labeled with the existing equipment on site at the distillery. Launching in fall 2021, pre-sale commitments for the release among the brand’s major liquor store accounts were nearly sold out, forcing Iron Fish to fast-track its next order of shipping containers. TP


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