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What makes the holidays so wonderful every year? Why, that would be to share.

Whether you share what you have with those who can’t, or maybe you’ve lined up all of your friends and family for an ongoing 12-marathon Zoom meeting starting on Christmas Eve, it’s all sharing.

Remember last year when you wrapped the kids and their friends closer than a little red drum in the van and went to see the Holiday Look-In tour? Was anything more like a vacation than this? Just ooh-ing and aah-ing in front of the amazing Christmas decorations put on by your friends and neighbors, everyone felt like hot chocolate and a marshmallow.

Those beautiful decorations are still in place, if you have the chance to pass by, but there’s no way to fill the Road Warrior to gaze upon miles upon miles of decorated homes across Pasadena and the San Gabriel Valley this year.

So, instead, make an appointment. Gather friends and family (separately) around their collective electronics, put on your headphones, and virtually move around town for the same visual and virtual feast without anyone misting the car windows.

This year’s 53rd Pasadena Holiday Look-In House Tour, transports you to four elegant homes decorated to capture the holiday spirit for you and your loved ones, showcasing stunning architecture, embellished by the talent of the best floral designers in the world. region.

The online tour is narrated by David Lockington of the Pasadena Symphony, with music by members of the Pasadena Youth Symphony Orchestras

Viewers can also click and purchase at their leisure from the Tour’s Holiday Look In Boutique.

While the big day is only a few hours away, the Holiday Look-In tour is available until December 31. For the link to the tour, register at

Registration is free, but donations will be gratefully accepted. The tour helps support the Pasadena Symphony & Pops and its music education programs throughout the San Gabriel Valley.

So let’s review, okay? Beautiful virtual home decorations, presented with beautiful music by some of Pasadena’s best musicians, socially distant and as close as your computer or device. And there is shopping.

It could be the perfect family experience for Christmas Eve.

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